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Other countries
Tours to Turkey from other countries. The most popular summer tourist destination among visitors! Hotels in Turkey, tours in Turkey - real reviews of tourists on holiday in Turkish resorts
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Topic: Shopping in Turkey and Russian bank cards
Message from: SevenCountries
Tours to Egypt from other countries. Reviews of tourists about the rest in Sharm el-Sheikh and other Egyptian resorts. Rating of hotels in Egypt
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Topic: How to fly to Egypt, while there are no charters
Message from: Thai-Online
Package tours and independent travels from other countries to Vietnam. Guest reviews about holiday resorts in Vietnam. Hotel rating of Vietnam
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Topic: What can and should not be exported from Vietnam
Message from: Thai-Online
United Arab Emirates
Package tours and experience of independent trips to the UAE, customs and religious features, the pitfalls of recreation in this country
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Topic: Emirate Sharjah introduced five new hotels
Message from: Thai-Online
We share our impressions about the trip to this wonderful country! Rating of resorts and hotels, subtleties and visa rules
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From the Caucasus - to the Arctic and Altai. Any impressions and reviews about the rest in Russia
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Topic: Airline Azur Air will stop feeding on board
Message from: Thai-Online
Ex-USSR and Europe
Impressions from holidays in Georgia, Uzbekistan, Cyprus, Greece or Spain.
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Topic: Prague. Museum Night at 2019
Message from: Thai-Online
Other countries
All that is not included in the previous sections. Reviews and impressions about traveling to the USA, Mexico, Cuba, to countries of Africa except Egypt
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Topic: China has become more accessible
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