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In short tours You will find excursions lasting from a few hours to one day light. These are various Zoos, Exhibitions and museums, Gardens, Temples and Evening shows, as well as all kinds of extreme recreation.

If you are new to Pattaya, then our "sightseeing tour" will allow you to get acquainted with the main attractions and interesting places of this wonderful city!

One day excursions, as the name suggests, offer you a variety of excursions lasting one day. These are Beach holidays in the vicinity of Pattaya, Sea excursions, visiting Amusement Parks, 3D and ordinary galleries in Pattaya or Bangkok, as well as, of course, fishing for every taste in the vicinity of Pattaya.

Overnight tours - These are various multi-day tours lasting from two days. Some of the most popular destinations are: Rafting down the River Kwai, Tours to Cambodia, Excursions to the Golden Triangle, Tours to Phuket, Tours to the Koh Chang Islands, Koh Kood, Koh Mak or the Siam Strait.

Separately, we would like to recommend our collections - author tours. In such tours, we included a complex of several popular destinations, selected by our experienced managers, taking into account a wide variety of preferences. Your vacation will be rich and interesting, while we will take care of all the efforts to organize it.

Or individual tour - to do this, just write to us using, for example, the section Contacts or form an online consultant, which is located at the bottom of each portal page , and we will plan for you a tour, starting from your personal wishes.

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Not so long ago, we launched a unique bonus system for those who travel frequently and do not want to overpay for a vacation. Now, having become our premium user, you get the opportunity to return VAT - that's about 7% from each service (where it is applied). More about this, we wrote here: Bonus program for PRO users

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