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How to fly to Egypt, while there are no charters
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Charter flights from Russia to the resorts of Egypt are no longer 3,5, and it is unknown when flights will resume. In the media regularly there are news about advances in this matter, but no one names the exact dates. Meanwhile, Russian tourists can still rest in Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh - just getting to them has become more difficult.

Find out how you can go to Egypt before the return of the charters.

As part of the tour

The easiest way. Tour packages to Egyptian resorts today sell tour operators Tez Tour and Pegas Touristik. They differ from the former tour packages only by the road: tourists get to the resorts with transfers in Cairo or in Turkey.
Clients "Tez Tour" on the boards of "Aeroflot" fly to Cairo, and from there go to the coast by bus, through the desert. In summer, the tour operator organizes group transfers from Cairo airport.
Long transfer hours 6 – 8 hours. For families with young children, this is quite difficult. But if you calmly carry bus trips, you will even like it - after all, this is a chance to see the country as it is, outside the tourist “dome” that is created in the resorts. The bus is accompanied by security.
The cost of a week-long tour for two to Hurghada with a flight from Moscow in April at “Tez Tour” starts from 75 thousand rubles.
Pegas Touristik launched a flight program from St. Petersburg and Moscow to Antalya in the winter of 2019 in the winter. After docking at the airport, which lasts two hours, tourists leave for Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh by plane. This option is cheaper: with the same baseline, the price of a vacation for two in April starts with 52 thousand rubles.
Is it possible somehow without a transplant, straight to the resort? Can! Only for this you need to get to Belarus. Tez Tour sells tours to Egypt with direct flights from Minsk and several other Belarusian cities. Direct flights. The cost of a weekly tour to Hurghada for two at the beginning of May with departure from Minsk starts from 116 thousand rubles.

Regular flight

You can do without a travel agency: via the Internet to book a hotel, buy a ticket to a resort from the same Belarus or a connecting flight (more conveniently via Istanbul), or to Cairo, in order to get to the coast by bus or domestic flight. In late April - early May, a flight from Moscow to Hurghada and back through Istanbul costs about 55 thousand rubles. A ticket for a direct flight from Moscow to Cairo and back at the same time costs a little more than 50 thousand rubles, and another 14-18 thousand costs a flight from Cairo, for example, to Hurghada and back. The bus is much longer, but also much cheaper: from Egyptian pounds 190 (700 rubles) to 265 (980 rubles). You can buy a ticket in advance on the carrier's website.

Cruise to Egypt

Still, the crisis is a time of opportunity: without a ban on charters, the original tour to Egypt offered by Infoflot would probably not have appeared. This is a Nile cruise. Check-in to the sea is not planned, but the trip will take place on a beautiful four-deck liner with a pool, the travelers will spend three nights in five-star hotels. The tour operator promises to show how multifaceted and interesting Egypt is outside the gates of resorts. From Moscow, tourists will fly to Cairo, where they will visit the main sights in two days. Cruise starts in Luxor. Tourists are also expected to visit the temples in Edfu and Kom Ombo, a trip to the Aswan Dam and the sacred island of Filet, a visit to the city of Abu Simbel not far from Sudan. The first flight is scheduled for autumn, from September 26 to October 10. The cost of the tour is from 153 thousand. Quite a lot, but this amount includes everything: cruise, flight, transfers, excursions, three nights in an expensive hotel, the services of an attendant who speaks Russian.

When will the charters be returned?

Now Russian experts once again check the level of security at Hurghada airport. “Following the results of this visit, the Russian authorities expect to prepare a final report on the situation with aviation security in Egypt and the possibility of resuming flights, and then present its results to Vladimir Putin,” reports the Egypt Independent portal. If flights to resorts are not resumed until the fall, it is likely that the presidents of Russia and Egypt will discuss this issue during the Russia-Africa summit in Sochi on October 24, under which the official visit of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to Russia is planned. Finally, a joint year of humanitarian cooperation between Russia and Egypt is scheduled for 2020 year. The travel industry experts suggest that in connection with this we can expect various cultural and tourist exchanges, and this also gives hope for the return of charters - already in 2020 year.

What to consider when traveling on your own?

Choosing a holiday in Egypt without the help of travel agencies, remember: you are going to Africa. You will need travel insurance, a full first-aid kit containing medicines for heat, pain, poisoning, etc., attentiveness to things (do not leave anything valuable in the room), caution and inflexibility when dealing with local residents.
In Egypt, you can very cheaply settle in a hostel, but be prepared for the fact that it will not be a clean European hostel. Choosing a hotel, read reviews and set the appropriate filters if you want to relax on the sea. All-inclusive hotels will always be more expensive. Also in Egypt, you can rent an apartment or a villa if you are traveling by company or family. Food in Egypt is inexpensive, and if you do not want to cook by yourself, eat in some small home-style restaurant: there will be delicious and budget.

What is the weather like in summer in Egypt?

In summer heat in Egypt: even the sea warms up to 28 degrees, and the air on calm days reaches to 50 ° C. But this is a low season when hotels lower prices. In the summer it is better to choose Hurghada, because in the windless Sharm el-Sheikh, surrounded by mountains, it will be harder to endure the heat.
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