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What can and should not be exported from Vietnam
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Vietnam is an amazing country to which you want to come again and again. There has been a tradition among tourists for a long time - after the end of a vacation or business trip, buy gifts to relatives and colleagues and take them with you to Russia. So I want to bring home with me at least a small part of those carefree days, when both body and soul rested. However, as practice shows, not all goods are subject to export from Vietnam.

And yet, what can not be exported from Vietnam to Russia? What goods are prohibited for export from the country? It is forbidden to take out antiques and works of art, such as paintings, manuscripts, historical documents, etc. Export of gold products and products from precious metals weighing 300 g and above should be subject to special permission from the National Vietnamese Bank. If the weight of gold is less than 300 g - it can be exported freely.

What else can not be exported from Vietnam to Russia? It is forbidden to export weapons from Vietnam - any of its types. Even a souvenir weapon is subject to confiscation if it is discovered by a customs officer. The Vietnamese government is extremely strict about the export of such products.
You cannot take exotic plants with you to Russia, because many of them are endemic and grow only on the territory of this fabulous country. And the Vietnamese government carefully protects its resources.

The list of goods prohibited from exporting from Vietnam to Russia included materials containing anti-government or pornographic propaganda. Also, as in many other countries, in Vietnam there is a taboo on the export of narcotic substances from the territory of the country. Are subject to import ban:
  • Stuffed turtles

  • Stuffed lizards

  • Eggs of rare birds

  • Bird nests

  • Stuffed scorpions

  • Stuffed crustaceans and insects

  • Corals

By the way, even a 15-centimeter coral shoot can cost a tourist a large fine, namely, about 500 dollars.

What can be exported from Vietnam to Russia? Allowed to export from Vietnam such goods as:
  • Fruit

  • Alcohol

  • Tea

  • Coffee

For some goods there is no ban on export at all; others are subject to restrictions. So, tourists often ask what kind of fruit can not be exported from Vietnam, and what - you can? Vietnamese fruits can be exported to Russia in large quantities, but with the exception of watermelon, durian and coconut. Watermelons can not be removed because they explode and may stain the cabin of the aircraft. Coconuts are also included in the list of prohibited to export, because due to the thick peel are not translucent at the control at the airport and accordingly you can spend in them prohibited goods. Do durian should scratch the skin and you know how and what it will smell in the cabin.
How to take out fruit from Vietnam? Everything is very simple. In order for the fruit to be delivered to the destination safe and sound, you will have to buy special baskets. They are freely sold in supermarkets or in the markets of Vietnam. The cost of baskets is about 30000-50000 dong. You will also need an additional fixation of the contents of the basket so that nothing crumbles and falls on the way.
Export of fruit from Vietnam in the basket is possible only in carry-on baggage. This will prevent possible problems in case products become unusable, juice will flow from them, etc.
Travelers are often interested in another issue relating to the export from Vietnam of shells and other items found on the shores of the South China Sea. In many countries, shells are forbidden to export. They are a kind of property of the state, therefore not only in Vietnam, but also in other Asian countries are prohibited to export. However, as practice shows and reviews of tourists who have visited different parts of the world, a small number of shells can still be carried in luggage. Some vacationers even transported 1-2 shells in carry-on baggage, and no one fined them for it. Therefore, the question: "Is it possible to export shells from Vietnam" there is no definite answer.
As for the export of products containing alcohol, the answer is unequivocal. Vietnam is a country where several varieties of rum are made. For example, Rhum Chauvet rum has a 39 ° stronghold, dark color and good taste. This drink is very popular among tourists. And, for example, ISC Rum is already a light rum fortress in 29 °. He is also loved by the Russians, who often want to take one or the other bottle of this wonderful drink with them.
How much alcohol can be exported from Vietnam and is it possible to export it altogether? Yes, you can take out alcohol, but only in the amount of not more than three glass bottles. Take this amount can be every person. If a family of 4 people returns from a holiday, they can take with them about 12 bottles of alcoholic beverages to Russia.
How to transport alcohol? As a rule, transportation of alcohol-containing beverages is carried out only in baggage. It is prohibited to carry such goods in hand luggage. Bottles before packing in a suitcase or bag, it is recommended to carefully cork, wrap with a bubble wrap, several layers of paper or fabric. It is important that when transporting the bottle is not broken and not cracked, otherwise the liquid can fill things, paper and everything else that is in the suitcase / bag.
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