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Shopping in Turkey and Russian bank cards
Thai-OnlineDate: Wednesday, 24.04.2019, 13:53 | Message # 1
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Which bank card is best to take with you to Turkey and other resort countries?
Contrary to popular belief, an increasing number of bank customers are hooking up on non-cash payments in order to receive cashbacks, miles, bonuses, and other benefits, the study showed opposite results. More than half of Russians during travel abroad do not use bank cards at all. Experts of the portal ostrovok.ru found out how domestic tourists pay for goods and services on vacation.

The study involved more 2 500 Russian holidaymakers. Only less than half of them admitted that they are calculated outside the country by credit card. In this case, just in case, take cash, as a rule, dollars and euros. The rest prefer cash only.

Every fifth tourist takes on a trip notes of the country in which he travels, stocking them back in Russia. Interestingly, women do this more often. If among the fair sex they buy the necessary currency before traveling 21%, then among men there is only 18%. Less than a third of Russians (31%) take only dollars or euros with them on a trip and, if necessary, exchange them for the local currency upon arrival at the resort.

Perhaps in the coming season, Russian tourists will be more willing to take a plastic card with them for a holiday in Turkey. The operator of the payment system "Mir" reported that the Turkish "Ishbank" began to provide acceptance of these cards. By the beginning of the tourist season, World cards should start accepting 40 thousands of outlets and 6,5 thousands of Ishbank ATMs, which have the largest acquiring network in Turkey. In addition, the Russians will be able to pay them more than in 10 thousands of Turkish online stores.

Earlier, the Turkish edition of Hürriyet Seyahat included Russia in the top ten countries in tourism expenditures in Turkey. At the same time, our country has become an important market in a short time. But a few years ago, the drop in tourist flow from Russia reached catastrophic indicators. Last year, our compatriots, on average, spent 607 euros (44,5 thousand rubles) on a trip to Turkey. These figures made the Russians one of the most wasteful tourists. Interestingly, in 2017, the expenditure was 880 euros per person.

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Hello! Why something on the forum only in RU language?
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