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Student Visas in Thailand Endangered
7cpattayaDate: Saturday, 28.09.2019, 10:58 | Message # 1
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Judging by the discussions at other Russian-language forums in Thailand, student visas in the country are now in question. Allegedly, the idea of ​​their cancellation is currently under discussion. Members of the forum are holding discussions on the topic of what is entirely possible from October 1 to October 2019 student visas will not be issued at all in cases where language schools are supposed to be taught.
At the same time, there is a discussion of the fact that language schools now have the opportunity to apply for a NON-ED student visa without leaving Thailand. True, this is more expensive and the legality of this procedure can only be guessed at. It is possible that from October of this year NON-ED student visas will be made only without departure, respectively - more expensive than before.
For many years, NON-ED series student visas have remained the most convenient option for non-working foreign citizens who have not reached retirement age. To obtain a Thai student visa, you must choose a school where you can study Thai or English. Next - to draw up documents for the required number of training hours, take a lease of housing at the place of residence from your landlord and go with these documents to the Royal Thai Embassy in any state. On average, the cost of such a service with the help of the company now costs 17000 baht. At the same time, every 3 of the month after the NON-ED visa is opened, it is necessary to pay the amount of 1900 baht, provided that the student attends classes at the language school, or 5000 baht if the "student" does not attend classes. In addition, in the latter case, they can call from school and ask to come to take photos of students in the classroom or take pictures against the background of their door at the place of residence.
The disadvantage of the NON-ED student visa is that there may be problems with leaving Thailand during the validity period of the visa. This can be done for a period of not more than two weeks, after informing your school and immigration office. Otherwise, the visa is canceled and you can re-open the student visa only after the expiration of the previous, canceled visa.
You can read more about visas to Thailand by going at this link.
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