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To Thailand can not be allowed without a return ticket
Thai-OnlineDate: Wednesday, 27.03.2019, 16:12 | Message # 1
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The Immigration Service of Thailand reported on tightening the rules for the entry and residence of foreigners in the Kingdom. And also - new fines up to 10 thousand baht.
TNA news agency reports that the immigration service of Thailand offers to introduce a mandatory return ticket (to the country of departure or a third country) for arriving tourists, as well as to toughen penalties for lessors for not registering with foreigners living in their living space.
The head of the committee proposing a tightening of immigration rules, said that Lieutenant-General Surachat (Chief of the Immigration Police of Thailand) wants to bring Thai legislation in line with the rules prevalent in other countries. The laws enacted in 1979 are nowadays insufficient, especially when it comes to providing information on the whereabouts of foreigners. They are considered too indulgent.
New fines for property owners in Thailand, renting it out to tourists and not registering them at the place of residence, will be imposed in the amount of 10 thousand baht.
Even more severe penalties are provided for legal entities, such as hotels, resorts, guest houses and the like for the shelter of foreigners and migrants for profit. Imprisonment up to 5 years and a fine of 100 thousand baht can be a punishment for failing to provide information about the tenants to the immigration service.
In addition, tougher penalties are promised for airlines that allow passengers to board flights to Thailand without return tickets. A negative example is the case of a woman from Saudi Arabia who fled from her country because of a forced marriage. Arriving in Thailand, she refused to comply with the legitimate demands of the authorities and made a tantrum in the media.
In fact, this will mean that one-way tickets to Thailand will be banned.
The committee has been working on eleven major changes in immigration rules and fines, starting in January 2019. Lieutenant-General Surachat announced that the ministerial committee would discuss proposals this week, implementation of 22 is expected on April 2019 after the end of Songkran - the New Year holidays in Thailand.

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