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3 Miracle Islands Pattaya
Thai-OnlineDate: Monday, 19.08.2019, 09:44 | Message # 1
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The one-day sea excursion "3 Miracle Island Pattaya", which has been known and popular in Thailand for many years, has two varieties - ordinary and Extreme. More recently, all those who ordered the standard program could pay extra for the Extreme variety on excursions, through guides. Now surcharge for "Extreme" is impossible, it was decided to cancel the surcharge on the ship, as not everyone had time to do it and then complained.
Payment for the "Extreme" variety can now be made only immediately when buying a tour at an agency or on our website.


You can find out more about the 3 Miracle Island Pattaya program by going through at this link. The tour is called "3 Miracle Islands" because it takes place in the waters of three islands: Koh Sak, Koh Krok and Koh Lan. At Koh Sak, we land and spend an hour, Koh Krok just show. We stop next to Koh Lahn and offer to land, if you wish, we transfer by boat. At this time, the foam party begins, it is proposed to ride a roller coaster. We stand at a distance from the island, the water is very clear and many remain on board the vessel to take the opportunity to swim in the open sea, jump from water slides, dive from the second and third decks, someone is dancing in a disco.
Koh Sak is one of the most beautiful islands in the water area of ​​Pattaya. The island is a lagoon type, the beach sector is surrounded by cliffs on both sides. The beach itself is large and can be proud of its beauty, white sand. After a visit to Koh Sak, an unforgettable impression of visiting a tropical island remains. In fine weather, the water here is unusually clear. The excursion "3 Miracle Islands of Pattaya" offers banana riding, snorkeling, beach volleyball, relaxation in sun loungers.
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