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About thermal baths on Alpaca Park excursions
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In this topic I would like to dwell on the hot springs that we visit during the tour. "Land of Kings and Alpaca Park" from Pattaya.
In a programme "Land of Kings and Alpaca Park" we visit the natural geothermal sources of Ratchaburi - Bo Khlueng Hot Spring. Mineral springs Bo Kluang - natural hot springs that come to the surface from the bowels of the Earth. Do not confuse them with radon baths, which you can visit on the tour Tours to River Kwai (Kanchanaburi) from Pattaya or from Bangkok. Thermal waters have been known since the times of the ancient Romans, who built terms around hot water keys rising from the depths.
Legends say that hot mineral water is “living” and after it tired and wounded soldiers came out full of strength, and animals jumped into hot streams and lakes to heal wounds.
Already in the 19 century balneology became a popular spa treatment. Treatment with hot mineral water and its benefits are a proven fact.
Today, when the composition of mineral water in geothermal springs is known, it can be used for the targeted treatment of skin diseases, for strengthening the body and saturating it with microelements. Proved high efficiency of geothermal water for the prevention of any colds, viral infections.
Geothermal water contains:
  • Sulfur

  • Silicon

  • Calcium

  • potassium

  • Magnesium

  • Sodium

And other beneficial substances that have a generally beneficial effect on the body. The undoubted advantage is the purity of thermal water. Being deep underground and splashing on the surface under pressure, this water avoids impurities and chemically harmful substances. High temperature contributes to the disclosure of water quality.
There are three types of geothermal sources: warm (up to 38 degrees), hot (38-50 degrees) and very hot (over 50 degrees). The one we visit on the tour "Land of Kings and Alpaca Park" - hot. What is the water temperature at this source? As a rule, the temperature of the water in the hot spring Ratchaburi 39-45 degrees. And it depends on the weather. If it is cool outside, then the water has time to cool down to 39 degrees. And if it is hot and dry - then 42-45 degrees.
Observe the rules of visiting the thermal springs is very important. It is not recommended to take baths to people with heart failure. In their case, you can sit on the bench so that the water does not reach the level of the chest.
If there are no heart problems, then you need to enter 10 minutes in hot water, rest, douche with cool water from the shower and make a new swim. Beauty!
After the mineral springs you feel so relaxed and refreshed, as if after a good massage.
Learn more about the tour "Land of Kings and Alpaca Park" can be passed at this linkожно пройдя по этой ссылке
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