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A rope for good luck. Where to tie
Thai-OnlineDate: Tuesday, 03.09.2019, 10:07 | Message # 1
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How many of us do not dream that luck will always be on his side? Or win the lottery? Thais do not wait for the weather by the sea, but take everything into their own hands. And more precisely - they conduct the Sai Sin rite.
Sai Sin translated from Thai means "holy thread." A string is attached to a person’s hand, which (as Buddhists believe) brings good luck. So, if you have long wanted to win a lottery, a car or a green card, then hurry up. It is customary to wear a rope from three days to a month.
It is not recommended to cut the thread with scissors! It is better to untie or tear, which is not very simple. As they say, without difficulty ...
Where can you tie this magical little thing? We are telling.
  • You can do it yourself in Pattaya on the Big Buddha.


You can tie a rope on some excursions. For example:

If someone is interested in an opinion on this matter, then most likely it is pure psychosomatics. Simply put, the placebo effect. The rope itself can hardly do magic, but the belief in its strength is quite capable! And again - it is always in sight, and therefore reminds of desire, stimulating you to certain actions.
Did you tie a holy thread?
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