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Review of the new erotic show 79 in Pattaya
Thai-OnlineDate: Friday, 22.02.2019, 13:47 | Message # 1
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In 2019, the new strip show "Kama Sutra" appeared in Pattaya, which is also known in Thailand by the names of "Erotic show 79" and "Club 79". We quote the review of our guest who visited there. Punctuation saved.

Good evening

It was today at the new show 79, I didn’t look at the entire program - but only a part of it, as I could stand it.

There is no queue at the entrance, the hall is full of tourists, tourists are almost all from China, the large buses were around 50, the hall is more than Big eyeIt seemed to me that the rules for entry are the same as for other similar shows.

The show doesn’t differ much from other similar ones, except for the fact that artists enter the hall and everyone can touch them, including for indecent places, but this is possible only for the first rows. Artists are both girls and men, but not naked.

From the free drinks I saw only water.

Thank you.

Let me remind you that the cost of the new 79 show in Pattaya is 649 baht per person, including a ticket and transfer to both sides of any hotel or condominium in Pattaya. You can order online at this link

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