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New Bangkok Tour
Thai-OnlineDate: Wednesday, 02.01.2019, 09:19 | Message # 1
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Since 3 January, 2019 has launched a new tour of Bangkok. We perform only individually!


Author walking tour of the famous places of Bangkok. Deep immersion in the atmosphere of the South East!

The entire program takes place in the old and very colorful neighborhoods of Bangkok - this territory is defined by UNESCO as the “historical part of Bangkok”.

Excursion program.

1. Wat Yan Nawa Temple - The Boat Temple is the water gate of Bangkok. Once there was a river customs, and now the Royal Temple of the third rank with the central Buddhist television and the institute of Thai massage.
2. Travel by tourist boat to the flower market along the Chao Phraya River.
3. Flower Market. Walk through the malls. Crossing to the west bank at Thonburi.
4. Wat Kalayanamit - Temple of the Sitting Buddha. The temple is new and beautiful with a large statue of a seated Buddha (the temple is being completed).
5. Kuan An Keng Shrine - Chinese temple dedicated to the goddess Kuan Yin, built during the reign of Rama III. Squished from time to time, with amazing wooden frescoes and wall paintings.
6. Wat Praiut and Turtle Mountain. Inspection of a small museum of Buddhist relics, a visit to the stupa and the rite of wish fulfillment inside the stupa
7. Boat trip through the Thonburi Canals. We will see bright contrasts of the city of Bangkok, giant monitor lizards, floating boats - shops, feed the fish, the rich and poor houses of the residents of the capital.
8. The bridge of Rama I, inspection of a large square and the monument to the founder of the Royal dynasty.
9. Indian Quarter. Visit “Little India Bangkok” - shopping arcade with Indian sweets, spices, spices, souvenirs.
10. Lunch in the indian quarter.
11. Wat Chakrawat - temple with crocodiles.
12. Chinatown, walk along the mall: tea, spices, souvenirs, a huge number of Chinese markets.
13. Journey to the national tuk-tuk - som lo from Chinatown to Prison Park.
14. Park prison and inspection of the famous Mikashnits with a Michelin star.
15. Street masters: the place where they make for the monks pots for donations, souvenirs made of wood.
16. Golden Mountain. Wat Saket. We will be there at sunset in 18: 00. Very beautiful, the highest point of Bangkok.
17. We meet with the driver going to hotels in Pattaya or Bangkok.

The main thing that we will see:
1. Chinatown is the highlight of Bangkok, the largest Chinatown in the world, the city is a shock.
2. Walking on an individual boat through the canals, we will see how in the center of the city people live on water as well as two hundred years ago. Time travel.
3. Animal lovers will also be interested on this excursion, we will see: crocodiles, turtles, many different fish and we will feed everyone!
4. Those who are interested in the story will learn a lot about the past of Thailand, then what they will not learn on any other excursion.
5. We will learn many new things about religion and traditions of Thais, we will see the real life of Thai people, and during this excursion we will come into contact with animism - we will see the altar Nang Maev (forest nymphs), we will come into contact with religions like Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism - we will visit temples and the sacred sites of these religions.
6. Take a ride on this Som Lo (the classic famous Thai tuk tuk).
7. We will see the old market of flowers, a fragment of the once huge market Semapenya.

The tour is conducted only individually both from Pattaya and from Bangkok.
From Pattaya hotels check out 7.30, return to 21.00.
From Bangkok hotels, check out 9.00 - 10.00, return to 19.00 - 19.30.

The cost of the tour from Pattaya / Bangkok:
1 Man - 7300 / 5300 Baht
2 person - 8600 / 6600 baht
3 person - 9900 / 7900 baht
4 person - 11200 / 9200 baht
5 Man - 12500 / 10500 Baht
6 Man - 13800 / 11800 Baht

Order by phone hotline: 083-838-3539, 8800-301-00-34 (across the Russian Federation), or through WhatsApp, Viber, Line + 66-838-383-539.
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