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How promising is Koh Chang as a tourist mecca
Thai-OnlineDate: Sunday, 25.08.2019, 18:47 | Message # 1
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The most beautiful island on the East coast of Thailand is one of the largest islands in the Gulf of Thailand. Strange, but true - Koh Chang has so far remained aloof from mass tourism.


This large island on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand has won some recognition from tourists from Russia and is quite popular with them. In 2018 year hotels and guesthouses Koh Chang (there are almost 300 of them on the whole island) they received about 1,2 million guests in their 7617 rooms. The occupancy rate of tourist housing in the market varies between 50 and 60 percentages, often falling by half in the “low season”. This is how a big leverage arises regarding the occupancy of Koh Chang hotels in high and low seasons.

Guests from other regions of Thailand continue to lead the way in this market, as over the past decade the Thai segment's share ranged from 59% to 71%. The fastest growing segment in several years has been visitors from China. Then comes the five of the following countries: Germany, Russia, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

It is likely that the biggest obstacle to the emergence of new large hotels here remains the accessibility of Koh Chang Island from other countries, and also regions of Thailand itself. For example, Phuket has an international airport, but Ko Chang does not have a normal airport. There is a private airfield in the city of Trat, but it is not designed for modern aircraft. Most visitors travel by land, after which they transfer to Koh Chang by ferry, and it takes too long to get to this amazingly beautiful place.

However, today there is a clear surge in the development of large hotels. The reality is that brands will begin to enter Koh Chang in the very near future.

Koh Chang is not much different from Koh Tao, or Koh Phangan, and they are real tropical outposts. It is likely that Koh Chang will also fall into a wide wave of development due to the simple fact that it offers everything that tourists go to Thailand for - sun, sand and a clean warm sea!
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