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Cambodia Customs Rules
Thai-OnlineDate: Saturday, 13.10.2018, 15:12 | Message # 1
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This is a topic that interests almost everyone who is going to visit Cambodia. As part of a group, or maybe independently. What can be carried without fear across the Thai-Cambodian border, what are the restrictions and what are imposed, and what should not be contacted? Let us see in more detail what is the current state of affairs.
Generally speaking, the customs rules of Cambodia itself are very liberal. It is prohibited to import and export to 99 cases from 100 what is really impossible to import and export. Restrictions impose mainly legislation of neighboring states.
For example, the rules on importation:
  • It is allowed to import any currency in the amount equivalent to 10000 USD;

  • Duty-free importation of items and things within personal needs is allowed;

  • You can import any amount of alcohol that is acceptable for transportation;

  • The importation of weapons and ammunition, drugs, toxic substances, audio and video recordings that damage the state system and the spiritual traditions of the country is prohibited.

Export Regulations:
  • Allowed to export any currency in the amount equivalent to 10000 USD;

  • For the export of large amounts will require permission from the National Bank of Cambodia;

  • However, the export of national currency is prohibited;

  • The amount of alcohol and cigarettes exported is not regulated by the laws of Cambodia. It depends entirely on the country in which you will enter. In particular, it is prohibited to import more 1 liters of alcohol per person and more 200 cigarettes per person to Thailand. And the importation of electronic cigarettes is generally prohibited.

  • It is forbidden to export antiques and Buddhist relics from Cambodia;

  • Prohibited the export of antiquities and ancient works of art that are national treasures;

  • Prohibited the export of precious metals and stones in commodity quantities;

  • Prohibited the export of wild animals.

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