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Tree Planting Festival in Cambodia
Thai-OnlineDate: Sunday, 08.09.2019, 18:07 | Message # 1
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9 July 2019 in Cambodia was a traditional holiday: "Planting Day." This time, on 13 hectares of land, 13135 of rare and luxurious shrubs and 3000 trees were planted.


In honor of this holiday, His Royal Majesty Norodom Siamoni addressed the citizens with a speech. The king asked the monks, local authorities and ordinary citizens to pray for mercy and compassion for all kinds of trees and called on his people to plant trees in order to preserve the forest for posterity. His Majesty took part in the rituals dedicated to the holiday. And he himself planted several trees.
Cambodians are well aware of the importance of forests to sustain the lives of people and animals. Khmer forest is not only a natural resource. Many plant species are sacred to the people of Cambodia.
For example, Frangipani (aka Plumeria) for Buddhists is both a tree of life and a tree of death. The tree of life - because this tree can do without water for a long time. And the tree of death - because the smell of Frangipani flowers in ancient times was considered a harbinger of death or the invasion of vampires.
Or for example, teak. Teak wood is one of the best natural building materials. The palaces of India, huts on the water, the ancient pagodas of Burma, the supports of buildings in Venice - all these architectural structures are made of teak. There are many legends and legends associated with this tree. According to one of them, the play of the leaves of the Holy Teak in the wind grants bliss and bliss to all. The tradition of planting teak trees near temples and tombs is associated with this legend.
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