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What is common between Harry Potter and the Khmers
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Cambodia is rich in legends in which amazing coincidences can be found.
In the famous novels of Joan Rowling about Harry Potter, you can find many fantastic characters. This is not surprising, because these novels are about a boy - a wizard. Today we want to tell you about the snake Nagain, the faithful companion of the Dark Lord.


One hundred years before Rowling, Redyard Kipling wrote about the cobra Nagain in his "Jungle Book" in the story "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi". Kipling's animal names are often the names of these animals in Hindi. In Sanskrit and all North Indian languages, the word "naga" means "king cobra," and "nagini" means a female cobra. At Kipling, the snake was called Nagini. But in Russian literature the transliteration of Nagayna has taken root. And when, a hundred years after Kipling, Nagini appeared in books about the wizard boy, in Russian translations she again became Nagayna. Both Kipling and Rowling Nagine have a negative character.
Myths and legends of Naga or Nagain are also known in many other countries of the Indochina region. Each country has its own legend and its own visual representation of this serpentine creature. Sometimes he was portrayed as a winged, and sometimes half-human, half-snake. In Cambodia, the Naga is not just an evil cobra, here it is an ancient Goddess living in the Mekong River. We already wrote earlier that the Khmers believe in their descent from this ancient Goddess. To this day, the Khmers are very careful when swimming or working on their river. They fear that Naga will drag them into slavery by their feet.
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