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The word "Phimenakas" originates from the Sanskrit "Viman-Akas". Vimana is a palace or chariot. Akasa is the sky, or space. Thus, Phimenakas - means "Heavenly Palace", or "Heavenly Chariot".


Quite possibly, Phymenakas served as a private chapel, being enclosed inside the walls of the royal palace. Paved internal roads divided the territory of the palace into five parts. The courtyards formed in this way had their purpose:
  • The first served as a throne room and was located in the immediate vicinity of the main entrance;

  • In the second courtyard, on the high red brick base, the main building of the palace towered, in which the king's residence and his private chambers were located;

  • In the same courtyard was Phemeanakas and a large pool. It was the most spacious part of the palace.

  • The third courtyard, with several pools, a garden, pavilions and terraces, was reserved for the wives and concubines of the king. He did not communicate with the outside world and it was possible to get here only through the royal chambers.

  • The fourth courtyard was intended for household needs, warehouses, a kitchen and other utility rooms were arranged here. He communicated only with the third court;

  • The royal guard was located in the fifth courtyard, which had access to all other parts of the palace by light scaffolds arranged at the crest of the laterina walls.

The Chinese ambassador of that time, Zhou Da-Kuan, wrote about Phimenakas, which he called the Golden Tower:

Locals believe that in the tower lives a spirit that looks like a nine-headed snake, who is the ruler of the whole kingdom. Every night, the spirit appears in the image of a woman with whom the ruler shares the marriage bed. Even the king’s wives cannot enter here. The king comes in the hours of the second guard, and then is free to go to bed with his wives and concubines. If the spirit does not appear some night, this is a sign of the imminent demise of the king. If, on the other hand, the king cancels the date, then disasters will surely follow.

Here is such a heavenly palace for royal pleasures!
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