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Apsara - perfect femininity
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Apsaras are demigods, celestial beauties-nymphs in the kingdom of Indra on top of the universal mountain Meru. They were famous for the unsurpassed art of dance, singing, playing music and of course - love.
The inhabitants of Paradise Indra, Apsaras are the embodied principle of pleasure. This mythological image is an idea of ​​ideal femininity.


Their function was to give the court of Indra its presence and art a seductive charm. They are also considered the reward of a righteous person or hero who fell in battle in their subsequent existences.
Their beauty symbolizes the passion that destroys the kingdom of the gods or the penance of the sages.
They are known for the duty to be performed at the behest of Indra. Whenever someone on Earth begins to intensively indulge in austerities, Indra is in fear for his power and is afraid to be deposed from his throne. Apsar is sent to them with the task of enchanting and seducing, thereby leading away from the path of acquiring spiritual blessings.
Apsara - means "out of the water." They arose from the waters of the Milky Ocean, which the gods and demons churned, wanting to get the priceless elixir of immortality.
They are powerful creatures that can move through the air, send a strong curse, change their appearance, send love madness. Their weakness is in their excessive love of gambling and guilt.
Apsaras are married wherever they wish. Although they are reasonably intelligent and cold-blooded in their passions, having met true love, the Apsaras become ideal wives.
As a rule, apsaras are married to people, heroes, or supernatural beings whom they have combined with the path of virtue.
Fascinatingly beautiful apsaras, seeking to distract the contemplative sage, have become part of the stream of creative inspiration. And to this day they are the theme of various genres of world art.
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