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Banteay Srey - The Citadel of Women
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The state has always been the customer of all major Angkor facilities. Only it could incur considerable expenses and motivate a sufficient number of people for the construction.

However, as in any rule, there is an exception - the charming temple of Banteay Srey.


Yajnavaraha was an adviser to Rajendravarman II, a scholar and philanthropist-philanthropist. It was he who initiated the construction of Banteay Srey in his personal patrimony of the city of Ishvarapur. We only know the completion date - 967 year.
Banteay Srey means "the citadel of women", but this temple is dedicated to the god Shiva.
There is no such intricate carving anywhere else in Angkor. Moreover, if the architecture in the remaining parts of the Khmer metropolis can be conditionally divided into certain stylistic groups that combine at least two or three temples, then Banteay Srey stands apart here. His style is unique.
The French discovered the building far from immediately, it happened relatively late, in 1914 year. And her further story is connected with the scandal. The writer and part-time adventurer Andre Malraux tried to steal the statues of the four Apsars from here in 1923, but was caught and convicted. The court drew attention to the find and a year later the temple was cleared of the jungle, iterated over in the 30 of the last century and opened to the public.
Treasure hunters regularly tried to take off the bas-reliefs in order to sell them on the black antiques market. Khmer Rouge put an end to such pranks. No one dared to pop into the country where the bloodiest regime on the planet reigned.
Some compare carvings with jewelry on an elegant female body. Others say that it is a miracle of grace and harmony. Still others are speechless from inexpressible admiration.

Only one thing is clear - Banteay Srey must be seen in person!

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