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Beng Melea - Lotus Pond
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Beng Melea is a magnificent architectural heritage of the Khmer Empire, discovered relatively recently. For many years the temple was sheltered by thickets of centuries-old jungle. And only when they started making their way to Koh Ker, did they discover a secret path to Beng Melea.
Now this complex is available for every guest of Cambodia. Not so long ago, in Thailand, a two-day excursion from Pattaya to Angkor temples appeared with a visit to Koh Ker on the second day. Description by this link!

However, the Beng Melea temple was not immediately opened for tourists to visit. It became available only at the beginning of the 2000's, since after the rule of Pol Pot and other dubious personalities, the entire territory had to be cleared for a long time and tediously. Now this place is absolutely safe for tourists.
No texts defining the main dedication of the Beng Melea temple to any deity were found. Its pediments show scenes from Buddhist mythology, while the rest of the temple from Hindu.
The date and initiator of the construction of the Beng Melea temple is still the subject of expert discussion, but the style of the Beng Melea temple itself is clearly associated with the period of the construction of Angkor Wat.
Outwardly, the Beng Melea temple is somewhat reminiscent of the famous Ta Prohm temple. However, the territory of the Beng Melea temple is much more mysterious and interesting, in addition, Beng Melea is much larger in size.
Beng Melea was once the center of an ancient city, surrounded by a moat perimeter 1025 at 875 meters and a width of 45 meters.
Ancient architects built Beng Melea in accordance with rigorous mathematical calculations, so all of its walls and cells look very proportionate. In addition, the so-called "castle" construction principle was used in the construction of the Beng Melea Temple.
Basically, the Beng Melea Temple is built of sandstone. It is located just 7 kilometers in a straight line from the Angkor quarries on the Kulen Plateau. It is believed that building blocks were transported from the Kulen Plateau through artificial channels, and then sent from here to Angkor.
By wooden walkways you can go around the entire territory of the Beng Melea temple, as if falling asleep with an eternal sleep in the arms of time. On the walls are many carved ornaments with scenes from Hindu mythology, including the birth of Vishnu by the Virgin Mary Garuda. Some buildings have retained their original appearance to the present.
Beng Melea Temple is located about 70 kilometers from the city of Siem Reap. For independent travelers, an entry ticket costs 5 dollars as of the 2019 year.

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