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Communications in Cambodia
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Going to excursion from Pattaya to CambodiaIt is important to stay in touch with family and friends, as well as with work. Consider the following options:

1. Roaming Before leaving, make sure that Cambodia is included in the list of countries where roaming of your home SIM card will be activated automatically. Sometimes roaming connections need to be requested in advance. And specify what is the minimum balance needed to enable roaming.

2. Wi-Fi. Every hotel and cafe-restaurant-bar has Wi-Fi. The network name and password are often written on the menu, on the wall, on an ashtray or on a check, and everyone understands the word "Wi-FI" with interrogative intonation.

3. SIM card of local operators. They are sold at many specialized kiosks of mobile telecom operators and are even at the exit from the international terminal of the airport of Siem Reap (right). The quality of communication from local operators is about the same.

4. Smart offers "Smart Traveler SIM" in two versions:
  • Free 10 minutes and 10 SMS within the network, as well as 100 MB of Internet on the 3 of the day, on the balance of 0 $

  • For 5 $ - unlimited calls and SMS within the network, 2 Internet gigabytes for 7 days, for the balance of 1 $ plus unlimited social networks Facebook, Line, Viber, WeChat and WhatsApp.

5. Cellcard offers "Tourist SIM Unlimited" for 6 $. Unlimited calls and Internet on 7 days, on 1 $ balance.

6. Seatel offers "Tourist SIM" for 1 $ per day. Unlimited calls within the network and the Internet.

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