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Russian woman crippled in a traffic accident with a motorcyc
Thai-OnlineDate: Wednesday, 25.09.2019, 10:17 | Message # 1
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According to the local publication pattayapeople, Russian citizen Olesya Mayilyan was seriously injured in an accident in Thailand in Phuket. She is now in serious condition at the Vachira Phuket Hospital.
According to Tanakrit Amcheonkham, captain of the Chalong traffic police, the girl was allegedly riding a motorcycle in the north towards the underground tunnel at Chalong. Probably, the victim exceeded the speed and lost control in the bend of the tunnel. As a result, she lost her balance, crashed into the tunnel barriers and capsized.

"When we arrived at the scene, the girl was lying on the road. There was a lot of blood. The victim was alive and was still conscious. She said she was in great pain," said the police captain.

The girl was in very serious condition, having received multiple injuries: a head and forehead punched in three places, a basin, seven ribs and one arm were broken, ”the policeman said.
The victim was a citizen of Russia, 35-year-old Olesya Mayilyan from St. Petersburg. She is currently in Wachira Phuket Hospital. The condition of the girl is assessed as very serious, but not critical.
Police Colonel Chalong Prasit Ra-ob was appointed to investigate the circumstances of this traffic accident. According to him, he visited the injured Russian citizen in the hospital with a Russian translator, but so far the girl is not able to speak.

"At this stage, I wait until she recovers to ask her serious questions," the investigator said.

Lt. Col. Prasit said that he was not even sure if Mrs. Mayilyan was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident: “I spoke with traffic police officers who were at the scene of the incident, but no one could give an answer to this question,” he said.
Also, Colonel Prasit noted that he asked doctors to check the level of alcohol in the blood of the affected Russian woman, but the test results are not yet ready. At the time of publication of the material, police officers had not yet studied the recordings from CCTV cameras installed in the tunnel.

“I have not yet checked the recordings from CCTV cameras. I sent an official request to my colleagues to receive video from surveillance cameras inside and outside the tunnel,” said Colonel Prasit.

The investigator also noted that the police did not currently identify any witnesses to the accident, although the accident occurred at rush hour on Friday evening.

“There were no witnesses at the scene. When I arrived there, there were only traffic police officers,” said Colonel Prasit.

"At this stage, the belief that I have to establish the true cause of the accident is damage and scratches on the motorcycle, as well as damage to the orange barrier posts that separate the lanes," he added.

At the moment, the police have no idea whether another vehicle was involved in the accident, ”said Lt. Col. Prasit.

"I don’t know what really happened. All I have is a report from the traffic police. I was informed that she fell herself and that no other vehicles were involved in this accident, but our investigation is not yet completed." - said the investigator.

After the restoration, Mrs. Mayilyan will be charged with reckless driving, damage to state property (orange barrier posts), as well as riding a motorcycle through an underground tunnel, which is strictly prohibited, ”said Colonel Prasit.

“She will be charged, but the amount of fines will depend on the results of the investigation,” said Colonel Prasit.

After the accident, Deputy Chief of Police Chalong Lt. Col. Chan Sutimat urged motorcycle drivers not to drive through the underpass.

"This is far from the first accident at the Chalong underpass, fortunately, this incident did not lead to death," he said.

“I want people to exercise discipline when driving on the road and follow the rules of the road. There are warning signs indicating that motorcycles are prohibited from driving through the underground tunnel. I repeat, this is prohibited! In addition, I urge car drivers to drive slower through the underground tunnel because there is a bend in the tunnel, "he added.

"Nobody has died in traffic accidents in the Chalong underground tunnel, but there have been many accidents, so please be careful," said Colonel Chan.
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