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The smartphone in the pocket of the policeman stopped the bu
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A mobile phone in a pants pocket saved a policeman from a serious injury during an exchange of fire with a gangster in the resort town of Pattaya. According to the Internet version of the newspaper "Khao Sot", a shootout took place late at night last Saturday in a seafood restaurant in the Naklu area (northern Pattaya).
One of the authorities of local organized crime celebrated his birthday in a restaurant and during the feast entered into a loud squabble with one of the women among the guests. The “authority” threatened to kill the woman, but at that time a police sergeant had dinner at a nearby table with his colleague from another province. The police officer stood up for the lady. Then the gangster pulled out a pistol and opened fire almost point-blank at the policeman who, at the first shot, jumped onto the gangster's table and pulled out his weapon.
One bullet of the gangster passed by when the sergeant jumped on the table, the second bullet hit the hand, and the third hit the hip, exactly at the place where the iPhone was in his pocket. The smartphone stopped the bullet, it could not penetrate the device through, reports the publication. The newspaper leads a photo of a smartphone with cracked glass and a recess from a bullet in the upper right corner.
The sergeant managed even before getting into the smartphone, immediately after being wounded in the hand, to make two return shots. When he fell off the table, thrown back into the thigh, his comrade picked up the sergeant’s gun and made three shots at the thug one by one.
As a result, the “authority” received four gunshot wounds, including one in the head, but survived thanks to the timely arrival of the medical staff. The gangster and the policeman were taken to the hospital in the same ambulance car, the newspaper said.
Pattaya police opened a case on charges of attempted murder. The actions of the police were recognized by the prosecutor's office not leaving the framework of the necessary self-defense, the report said.
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