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Prostitutes from Uzbekistan detained in Pattaya
7cpattayaDate: Saturday, 28.09.2019, 11:32 | Message # 1
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A police raid was held on the world famous Volkin Street in Pattaya, during which four women of easy virtue from Uzbekistan were detained.
In total, the Immigration Police officers reported the red-handed capture of seven foreign nationals who traded on Beach Road and Walking Street. Namely - four citizens of Uzbekistan, two citizens of Egypt and one from Uganda. Here's an international catch in the course of a moral raid. All women were caught red-handed when they offered services of a corresponding nature to other people and asked for a monetary reward.
Police said this behavior is highly undesirable and not allowed in the tourist areas of Pattaya, which is trying to create the image of an international family resort.
The police also said that a woman from Uganda had already been detained for similar actions and should now be deported. The remaining six detainees were registered, fined for disturbing public order and released with a warning that they would be deported after being recaptured.
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