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Pattaya caught burglar
Thai-OnlineDate: Sunday, 20.01.2019, 17:38 | Message # 1
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Russian Alexander Soltanov contacted Pattaya police after he was robbed of an apartment in Jomtien in the condominium "Laguna Beach Resort-3". An 53-year-old man went down to swim in the pool on the first floor of a residential complex, leaving the keys to a room near a deck chair. Later, going upstairs, he discovered that the door to the room was open, and two mobile phones and cash in the amount of 20 thousand baht disappeared from the bedside table. The victim immediately wrote a statement to the city police.
The investigation of this case took place very quickly. Records from surveillance cameras installed in the complex showed how a young Thai man entered the Soltanov room, opening the front door with a key. The police identified the thief. It turned out to be a 29-year-old local resident in the north of Pattaya.
In the police, he is known as a hacker with experience, as well as a drug addict and a homosexual. For the guy listed a number of crimes, during a search of his house found a lot of stolen items. It was proved that 17 December 2018, he broke the door in the room of another tourist from Russia - Denis Kurchenko. Pick up mobile phones, laptops, money and even documents of the victim, including a passport and work permit. Theft was a place in the residential complex "Laguna Beach-2".
In January, a tourist from Germany in a hotel on Tappraya Street, as well as a Briton in a condominium in Jomtien, became victims of a detained gay drug addict. For each of the criminal episodes, the caught violator of the law faces imprisonment from 1 to 5 years and a fine from 20 to 100 thousand baht. All stolen items will be returned to the owners at the end of the criminal investigation.
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