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Briton came up with a recipe for Happy Tom Yam
Thai-OnlineDate: Wednesday, 16.01.2019, 17:36 | Message # 1
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A British businessman from Koh Samui has created a recipe for Tom Yam soup, which allows you to be in a good mood all day and sleep well at night.
Vigilant police officers of Koh Samui drew attention to an overly cheerful and rather strangely foreign citizen. Having detained the unusually behaving gentleman, the guards conducted a test for drug intoxication. The test results were positive, the foreigner was under the influence of drugs.
The 58-year-old British businessman, Gary Colean, was arrested. Constantly living on Koh Samui for 22 years and being a developer. During the interrogation, the Briton admitted that he had developed his own recipe for making soup Tom Yam with the addition of marijuana. Shortly before the arrest, he prepared and tasted his favorite soup, which it would be more correct to call not Tom Yam, but probably Tom Yam Kung Namkhon Ganja or something like that. The soup recipe included a large part of the marijuana.
The Briton told the police that the recipe for the soup, improved in this way, allowed him to remain in a good mood all day, and also promoted good and sound sleep at night. The main ingredient of the magic soup was supplied by a Thai acquaintance of the developer.
Despite a law recently passed by the Thai Parliament that legalizes medical marijuana, the unauthorized use of cannabis plants is illegal. Violators can spend a whole year behind bars.
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