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The fight against oversteepers in Thailand is intensifying
Thai-OnlineDate: Saturday, 20.10.2018, 14:41 | Message # 1
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In Thailand, they promised to deport thousands of visa violators to 7.

The new head of the Immigration Police said that by the end of the month 7000 illegally residing foreign citizens would be arrested and expelled from the country. Surachat Khakpal was recently appointed to this position and is known as an implacable fighter against foreigners who violate the visa regulations of the Kingdom of Thailand. He said that he would get rid of foreigners violating the visa regime.
On Friday, during a press conference in Bangkok, Surachat Haakpal, also known as the Big Joke, made a statement. He told reporters about the results of his 37 special operation called "X-Ray of Aliens Illegal". During the operation, Immigration officers conducted raids at 265 locations throughout the country. Under the gun were popular tourist destinations, language and private schools.
During the special operation, 700 aliens were detained. The detainees found 247 people who did not bother to get a visa, 104 people with overdue authorized stay in Thailand (oversteepers), 349 foreigners did not inform the Immigration Police of their residence address or violated the law on foreign business.
Surachat said that at the present time, the Immigration and Tourist Police carried out raids at 5071 locations throughout the country and arrested 3501 of a foreigner with overdue visas or no visa at all. According to reports, in the Kingdom there are about 7000 foreigners with expired visas to be caught and deported until the end of October.
The head of the Immigration Police also threatened legal proceedings against any Thai employers who are hiring foreigners without visas or with oversized material.
Surachat Haqpal has paid special attention to foreigners who are not eligible to be in Thailand, ever since he was deputy chief of the tourist police. He called his first special operation against illegal aliens “Operation Black Eagle”.
In turn, in Pattaya, Immigration Police officers continue to randomly check the documents of foreigners in the streets. Under special observation falls area Volkin Street in the evening.
Pattaya’s Immigration Police said they would randomly check passports of random foreigners on a daily basis as part of a nationwide 30-day operation. Daily raids are aimed at identifying illegal guests with expired visas, as well as those working without a permit.
The inspection will be carried out randomly from foreigners who are simply on the streets, visiting tourist attractions or being in nightclubs, restaurants and other establishments. Foreigners who do not have the original or physical (paper) copy of their passport will be detained and taken to the police station to prove their legal status in the country, which can take a very long time. Requests to give an opportunity to bring your passport from home or from the hotel are not accepted, all persons who do not have a passport with them will be detained and taken to the station.

Note! The proof of legal residence in Thailand can be only the original passport. A copy of it may also be considered as evidence, but the recognition of the authenticity of the copy is not guaranteed and is left to the discretion of the particular police officer. Thai driver’s license, work permit or resident certificate are not accepted as a confirming document.
The proof of legal residence in the country can only be a stamp with the date of the permitted stay in Thailand, stamped on the passport by Immigration officers.
We strongly recommend to all tourists, as well as permanently residing in the country, to carry with them the original or at least a physical (that is, paper) copy of the passport, rather than the currently fashionable photos of its pages on the phone’s camera.
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