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Pattaya mayor changed
Thai-OnlineDate: Friday, 28.09.2018, 17:43 | Message # 1
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The new mayor of Pattaya took office - solemnly this morning in the city mayor’s office.
The Prime Minister of Thailand appointed the former Minister of Culture to the post of mayor of Pattaya.

On Tuesday, 25 of September, by order of General Prayut Chan-Och, the new mayor Sontaya Khunplum was appointed in Pattaya as the leader of the ruling National Peace and Order Council (NCPO), who replaced the current mayor Anan Charoenchasri in this post.
The order, published in the Royal Herald, states that at present there is a need for a new mayor of Pattaya "with high potential, as well as the necessary experience, knowledge and capabilities" to manage the roles of the city associated with the development project of the Eastern Economic Corridor of the Thai government. The order also emphasizes that the entry into office of Mr. Sontai Khunplum is immediate.
54-year-old Sontay Khunplum is a well-known politician in Thailand. His early state career began in 2001, as Minister of Science and Technology. In 2002, he became Minister of Tourism and Sport under Thaksin Jinawatra. Then in 2012, he was appointed Minister of Culture. In 2013, Sonta Khunplum was elected leader of the Phalang Chon Party (Chonburi Party Strength), and he is the president of Pattaya United Football Club.
In April, 2018, Sonta Khunplum, was appointed political advisor to Prime Minister Prayut. At the moment, it is not known whether he will retain this post after gaining status as a new mayor of Pattaya.
According to the order of the National Council of Peace and Order, Sonta Khunplum has the right to appoint 4 deputies in his current position as mayor. The order also stipulates that an official will serve in this position until the planned election of the mayor of Pattaya in February next year, or until a new order is issued by the NCPO regarding the local administration of the resort city.
“If the Prime Minister deems it necessary, he can propose to the National Council for Peace and Order to make changes to this order,” the document says.
The new mayor of Pattaya, Sontai Khunplum, is the elder brother of Ittipul Khunplum, who also served as mayor for two terms in the period from May 2008 to June 2016. He was then replaced by Mr. Anan Charoenchasri, and Ittipul Khunplum was appointed adviser to the Minister of Tourism and Sport of Thailand in April 2018.
Prior to his appointment in February, the former mayor of Anan, a retired major general, served as deputy chairman of the Pattaya Council.

Source: pattayapeople.ru
Forum » Interesting about Thailand » Thailand News » Pattaya mayor changed
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