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A native of Krasnoyarsk released from the Pattaya detention
Thai-OnlineDate: Friday, 14.09.2018, 14:06 | Message # 1
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The Krasnoyarsk detained for counterfeit dollars spent six months in a Thai prison and secured his release.
At the end of last year, a resident of the city of Krasnoyarsk, who identified himself as Dmitry, told NGS News that his 53-year-old father rested on a voucher in Pattaya. And he was detained while trying to exchange fake dollar bills in the exchange office. In this case, the father claimed that he received dollars in the bank of Irkutsk - from this city he flew on vacation to Thailand. As a result, the man was taken to the police station. He only managed to call his son and briefly tell about the arrest. Later, the son learned that his father was arrested and placed in the detention facility in Pattaya, also known as “Nong Pla Lai”.
To help his father, his son found a lawyer in Pattaya, whose services cost a total of 300 thousand rubles.
He was able to return his father to his homeland, but before that he spent six months under arrest.
"The court passed a sentence for the fact that my father came with fake dollars, although he did not know that they were fake. The judge condescended and decided that his father had already served enough time in prison. He was not released immediately, until the deportation he spent almost a month in prison for immigrants "- says Dmitry.
According to his son, his father has lost a lot of weight in these six months and has become very old. "I told about the conditions like this: you can live there. There were only foreigners. There was a canteen, you could eat as much as you wanted, only you didn’t want it in this heat. There was a faucet with clean water that you could always drink. in shackles "- Dmitry transmits the story of his father. According to him, the conditions in the prison for immigrants were much worse.
Dmitry said that he intends to fully understand the situation with the father and find out who it happened for.

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