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Pattaya free from wires
Thai-OnlineDate: Thursday, 06.09.2018, 12:40 | Message # 1
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In the course of a large-scale plan for the modernization of urban electrical networks, in the area of ​​Severnaya Street, all wires are buried underground. The work promises to complete the opening of the new shopping center "Terminal 21" in October 2018.
The ambitious plan for the reconstruction of the electrical system of Pattaya was launched at the beginning of 2017 of the year. 3,1 billion baht was allocated from the national budget for this project.
The first works began on Central Street, then at the Bali Hai Pier and near the North Street. Together with the power supply networks, TV cables, Internet lines, and telephone wires are taken away.
The 1800 stretch of meters from the Sukhumvit road to the Dolphin ring in Pattaya cost the city treasury 157 million baht.
As part of the modernization project, three different power distribution systems are installed here:
  • 115 kV system - under the roadway from the Sukhumvit highway to the Terminal 21 shopping center under construction.

  • 22 kV system - under the island of security along the North Street.

  • The low-voltage power distribution system is laid under the sidewalks to connect houses and outlets on both sides of the road.

Pedestrian Street Walking Street will also become part of the largest change. The “trademark” sign of a resort town in Thailand — heaps of tangled electrical wires hanging over the sidewalks and occasionally “pleasing” with picturesque fires from short circuits — will gradually disappear. They will now begin to dig in the ground.
In total, according to the program, 46 kilometers of cable routes in Pattaya will be laid underground. Such a plan is carried out for the first time. Its goal is to make the supply of electricity in the city and surrounding area more stable and reliable. Like the existing system in Singapore.
The new power supply system in Pattaya is not only aimed at improving performance and efficiency, but also at improving the appearance of the city. After all, it is no secret that today, both local residents and tourists first of all pay attention to the tangles of matted wires, which do not decorate the city at all.
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