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Thailand News » How much is a new beach in Pattaya?
Thai-OnlineDate: Monday, 27.08.2018, 09:46 | Message # 1
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Pattaya Beach is undergoing a major reconstruction, which is akin to a serious surgery to revive a blurred beach, restore its beauty, mitigate erosion and keep the beach as long as possible.
In just a decade 3, erosion has turned the once magnificent and long beach into a thin strip of sand between the sea and the seaside road. More than 360 thousand cubic meters of sand is unloaded from the seabed and delivered to Pattaya Beach for the implementation of the project of the Marine Department. The goal of the project is to restore Pattaya beach and mitigate coastal erosion.

Mr. Tanavat Jarurongsakul, Department of Geology, Chulalongkorn University, Pattaya Beach Restoration Project Manager:

"Save as long as possible the beauty of the restored beach, justify the financial costs and take into account the environmental consequences of the project - the main tasks to be solved."

However, Pattaya Beach is being renovated in such a way as to avoid serious consequences for the marine environment. For tourism, the project will bring much more financial benefits than is spent on efforts to
The Pattaya beach reconstruction project is the restoration of sand along the kilometer-long 2,7 beach and its expansion from 3,4 meters to the original 35 meters. That is, the space is restored the size of 9,4 ha, with
project budget in 420 million baht. The beach is filled with sand from the seabed. This source is located in 20 km from the resort, near Koh Rang Kwayn Island. This sand is chosen because its quality, color, and size of sandy grains are similar to Pattaya sand. Another significant factor is that there is more than 3 in this area.
million cubic meters of sand for future use.
Before a new sand spreads across the beach, large sandbags are laid on the ground to form the foundation and create a barrier against erosion tide. Thus, the sand will not be easily washed away by the action of the waves. At the stage of reconstruction, a settling tank is created in the sea to prevent the environmental impact of the marine ecosystem.
The project is not able to permanently prevent coastal erosion. It is expected that in the first year the new beach will rise to 10 meters. However, scientists are confident that in 3, the level of erosion will decrease, and the remaining beach will stabilize. The main reason for the erosion of beaches is the change in ocean tides.
The final completion of the Pattaya beach reconstruction project is expected in November 2018. The uniqueness of the project to restore the beach of Pattaya lies in the fact that the method of sanding is used, and not the driving in of concrete structures along the coast. The method of restoring the beach of Pattaya is more expensive and time consuming compared to others, but it retains the beach, restores its coastline and is more sparing in relation to the marine environment.

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