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Tougher penalties for traffic violations in Thailand!
Thai-OnlineDate: Thursday, 23.08.2018, 11:06 | Message # 1
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The government plans to toughen penalties for violating traffic rules, as stated by the Vice Prime Minister, General Pravit
The Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, General Pravit, noted that the Law on
traffic changes will be made, which, including
concern tougher penalties for traffic violations.
The bill, which provides for a large-scale review of fines and
punishment for drivers without driving license is at the stage of
development. According to senior police officials, serious
increasing fines will be enough to drive behavior on the roads
changed for the better.
Answering media questions about how to solve problems with movement in
the capital, General Pravit said that the Government is looking forward to
completion of the development of a new bill and its transfer to
consideration by the National Legislative Assembly.
The approved bill will be included in the Law on Land Transport with
changes, such as, an increase in fines against violators.
The Ministry of Transport recommends changes in the two obsolete laws of the year 1979.
This means that drivers without driver's licenses may be
fined 50000 baht or imprisoned for 3 month. Previous
the fine was 1 thousand bahti possible jail sentence for 1 month.
Drivers whose driver’s license is suspended or revoked are
may be fined 50000 and be deprived of liberty on 3
of the month. Previously, this penalty was 2 thousand baht.
Additionally it is stipulated that drivers who cannot
present a valid license upon request, may be fined 10
thousand baht. Previously, the “forgotten rights” penalty was 1 thousand baht.
The development of a new bill is designed to modernize all
procedures, computerization, consolidation of provincial databases and
other licensing issues.
General Pravit noted that the development of the project is being accelerated
rates and includes sections for public, rail and
river transport. However, this does not mean that the document will be ready.
in 3 months.

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