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Durian season in Thailand
Thai-OnlineDate: Tuesday, 16.04.2019, 19:19 | Message # 1
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In Thailand, the season began durian - the Chinese decided to buy the entire crop.
The Ministry of Agriculture of Thailand officially announced the start of the durian season in the country. Have time to buy before the Chinese have disassembled!
With the beginning of the durian spring season in Thailand, a huge amount of the royal fruit has already been ordered to China via the Internet. According to a study of durian sales in Chantaburi, Rayong and Trate provinces, most high-quality fruit was sold to Chinese dealers directly from plantations at an export price higher than the price of durian supplied to the domestic market. Chinese dealers started buying ripening fruit in the middle of March 2019.
The similar phenomenon occurs not the first year. Thus, recently Thailand is the exclusive supplier of durian to China. Reservation of durian through Facebook and Line has increased in volume with guaranteed quality and delivery by mail of Thailand and private transport companies, which raises the price for durian above normal market prices.
The amount of durian being exported is 5 times the domestic demand and 90% of all exports go to China. The average cost of a montong durian on the Chinese market is about 60 US dollars. Constant demand and rising prices are forcing many farmers to rework their plantations of other fruits and rubber to grow durian.
Until recently, dozens of different types of durian were cultivated in Thailand, offering a variety of tastes and textures. Now most areas are occupied by the Montong variety. The popularity of this variety is due in part to the fact that under suitable conditions it can be stored without damage for about 20 days after harvest. Currently, the Montong variety accounts for 89% of all cultivated land for growing durian in Thailand. It is followed by the Chani variety with 7%. All other varieties are only 4%.
In pursuit of income, businessmen from agriculture buy orchards and cut down all the trees to grow durian montong. However, farmers soon learn that the Montaong is not so easy to grow, and its fruits are quite vulnerable to diseases and pests compared to other varieties. Therefore, to protect it, you must constantly use pesticides that are harmful to the environment.
Such a thoughtless policy leads to the degradation of the entire agricultural system, and a focus on growing only one crop will lead to oversupply over the coming years. What would entail a sharp decline in prices. Other countries of Southeast Asia - Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia, too, are not standing still and are actively working to obtain permission to export durian to China. Farmers in these countries stand at the ready and are ready to immediately begin supplying this fruit to the Middle Kingdom.
Meanwhile, in the domestic market of Thailand durian class A and B is supplied to the country's department stores at prices ranging from 115 to 130 baht per kilogram. Class C durian is 90 baht per kilogram, and mixed durian varieties are sold at 120 baht per kilogram. Premium durian is priced from 135 to 140 baht per kilogram, while durian without a brand, which is distributed throughout the country, is sold at 85 baht per kilogram.
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