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Forum » Interesting about Thailand » Thailand News » Thai salad Som There in the top ten best world dishes
Thai salad Som There in the top ten best world dishes
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Spicy green papaya salad - Som Tam, the undisputed favorite of Thai cuisine, is included in the menu of world culinary masterpieces and UNESCO World Heritage List.
According to the world guidebook Lonely Planet, the popular Thai salad is 5 in the 500 list of the best dishes in the world.
The famous green papaya salad is a dish of the people of Isan, residents of northeastern Thailand. And this is perhaps the most popular dish among Thais and foreign tourists.
In the opinion of gourmets, this is an exceptional combination of tastes; in the opinion of nutritionists, the ingredients of Som Tama are a balanced content of vitamins, nutrients and minerals.
If this is your first time in Thailand - try Som There is a vital necessity that will reveal the Thai philosophy to you. You will enjoy from the first moments - watch Som There cook for you. The result of this magic will be a wonderful salad, unlike any other in the world - sweet, salty and spicy flavors in combination with green crispy papaya.
Garlic and chilli are minced in a mortar. Tamarind juice, fermented fish sauce, peanuts, dried shrimps, lime juice, tomatoes, sugar cane paste, beans and a handful of green papaya follow in a mortar.
Each province of Thailand has its own version of Som Tam cooking.
An outstanding replica of the famous salad is the island recipe of Som Tama in Phuket - Som Tam Pu Ma. This is a green papaya salad with blue crab.
In Bangkok, in Som there do not add fermented fish sauce and chili pepper. In the capital version, the taste and aroma of the epic salad is softer.
10 of the world's best dishes according to Lonely Planet. Top 10 compiled by expert editors of the guidebook with the support of chef Adam Liau and blogger Leyla Kazim. The rating was given to the taste of the dish, cultural significance and special atmosphere of the place.
1. Pinchos, San Sebastian, Spain. Pinchos - a small snack or sandwich served with beer or red wine.
2. Curry Lax, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Curry Lax - spicy soup with coconut milk with noodles. Served with shrimps, meat or fish.
3. Sushi, Tokyo, Japan.
4. Beef brisket, Texas, USA.
5. Som Tam, Bangkok, Thailand. Som Tam - a spicy green papaya salad.
6. Smerrebrod, Copenhagen, Denmark. Smorrebryod - sandwich on rye bread with seeds and butter. As fillers - vegetables, meat or fish, sauces or sour cream.
7. Raki, Kaikur, New Zealand,
8. Bibimpap, Seoul, South Korea. Bibimbap - rice with vegetables and meat.
9. Pizza Margherita, Naples, Italy.
10. Dim Sum, Hong Kong. Dim Sum - light meals served with tea before dinner. Small portions of desserts, fruits, seafood, vegetables, spread out on several saucers.

Forum » Interesting about Thailand » Thailand News » Thai salad Som There in the top ten best world dishes
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