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Penalty for smoking 5 thousand baht under the new rules
Thai-OnlineDate: Thursday, 31.01.2019, 13:22 | Message # 1
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In Thailand, fines are imposed for smoking in public places, the ban comes into force on February 3 of the year 2019. New rules apply to 81 new zone. The list of free places includes terminals of airports, ATM areas, hotel lobbies - with the exception of designated smoking areas.
Starting from 3 in February of this year, smoking in hospitals, clinics, schools, nursing homes, medical and massage rooms, libraries, training centers, gyms, swimming pools, ATMs, public toilets, grocery stores, theaters, playgrounds in stores, pharmacies, conference halls, shopping centers, government offices and organizations, zoos, amusement parks and water parks, laundries, bus stops, berths, taxi stands and public places s, hotels and residential buildings.
A zone within five meters of the entrances and exits from such places is also non-smoking.
At the same time, the Ministry of Health of Thailand will allow universities, government agencies, state-owned enterprises and airports to have dedicated and isolated smoking areas. In all other places, smoking will be strictly prohibited. Violators expect a fine of 5 thousand baht, and for owners of premises in which the violation will be noticed, a penalty of 20 thousand baht.
The ban on smoking will affect the correctional institutions of Thailand. According to the new rules, smoking and selling cigarettes and tobacco in all prisons throughout the country is prohibited in Thailand. This will reduce the number of patients suffering from or dying from respiratory diseases - said the Director General of the Correction, Narat Savettan.
Narat said that the rules prohibiting the sale of cigarettes and tobacco are simply necessary, since prisons are also public institutions and fall into the area of ​​the ban on smoking.
After a smoking prisoner is transferred to prison, he can use the new rules as an opportunity to part with his addiction. Until now, a successful pilot project to ban the sale of cigarettes and tobacco has already been implemented in 13 prisons in the Kingdom of Thailand. Narat said that the ban has led to a decrease in the number of prisoners suffering from respiratory diseases. It also eliminated a factor that poses a threat to prisoners suffering from chronic illnesses, such as high blood pressure and stroke, whose condition may worsen due to tobacco smoke.
It was noted that in prisons throughout the country, the proportion of smokers is higher than in other places and passive smoking also damages the health of non-smoking inmates and guards. In the prisons of Thailand, smoking has already been banned in the cells since 2008, and special smoking zones have been set up outside the residential premises (however, in many correctional institutions this rule was not observed)
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