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At the Khao Yai National Park, the bear climbed onto the 6 c
Thai-OnlineDate: Monday, 03.12.2018, 11:50 | Message # 1
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The news channels talked about the exciting incident that took place on 1 in December on 2018 in Pak Chon, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. What is close to the Khao Yai National Park. Authorities were notified that a black bear was climbing a wall of a high-rise condominium. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that this is an Asiatic black bear about two years old. Bear made his way to the sixth floor of a condominium on the wall of the building.
It is assumed that the bear came to the locality in search of food, or simply played exploring the area. And I came to my senses late in order to descend safely from a height. And maybe so that the beast just scared of people and climbed to the heights in search of a safe place.
Strictly speaking, it was still an Asian black bear cub, 2 age of the year and 70 kilogram weight. He was no longer able to go back on his own. He was also exhausted by hunger and lack of water. And barely kept on the building structure, so as not to fall down.
A team of veterinarians arrived to make a joint decision on the successful rescue of the bear. They decided to shoot a beast with a tranquilizer and catch it with the help of special protective devices. The bear was safely saved and in good health. For his own safety, experts will monitor the beast for several days before returning it to Khao Yai Nature Reserve.
Kunchit Sinpawan, head. Khao Yai National Park, noted that he had been warned about a bear climbing on the building around midnight on November 30. He sent representatives immediately who tracked the bear all night to make sure the beast was safe. This is the first time that an Asiatic black bear comes from the wild in search of food and climbs into a residential complex. Kunchit told that this bear had already come out of that age when mother was taking care of him and therefore had to look for food on her own.
It was also reported that black bears come to farms in search of food. And not only bears. A few days ago, the driver died when he ran into a wild elephant coming onto the track. Kunchit insists that the authorities should always be warned about these cases, but not try to catch animals on their own for security reasons on both sides.
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