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Thailand - among the leaders in medical tourism
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Thailand is the third largest medical tourism country in the world.

Thailand is rapidly catching up with South Korea, claiming to become the world leader as the main direction of medical tourism.
64 JCL accredited medical institutions operate in Thailand. This is three times more than in Singapore and six times more than in Malaysia.
(JCL is the global industry standard for health care, where the practice of US standards is taken as a basis)
According to TAT, in 2017, 9% of 35’s millions of visitors to Thailand were “medical tourists”.
The definition of "medical tourist" is commonly understood as a tourist who travels to another country with the main purpose of a medical, cosmetic or dental procedure.
According to statistics from the International Journal of Medical Travel, the global market for medical tourism is worth about 13 billion US dollars. Thailand is the third largest beneficiary, receiving 600 million USD annually.
Every year, 350 thousands of tourists come to Thailand for medical purposes who spend an average of 1 700 US dollars.
Three main factors affecting the choice of foreign patients: the reputation of the clinic, the cost of treatment and timing.

The high reputation of hospitals and clinics in Thailand is a major factor when choosing a referral by foreign patients.
Over the past 20 years, Thailand has invested in the development of world-class medical clinics. Now the country has 60 medical facilities, awarded the Gold Standard and hundreds of small, well-established, clinics. A large number of Thai doctors have international training and have many years of experience.

The magazine has published a list of 25 best travel destinations for medical travel. The top ten include: USA, India, South Korea, UK, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey, Mexico, Germany, Iran.

“Thailand does not allow waiting time for its patients. If a client says that he wants his procedure to be completed on the date he has indicated, nine out of ten, this very date will be booked for him, or at least the next day,” Mr. Darren, owner of the Singapore medical tourism referral platform.

"We work with hospitals and clinics in the 43 countries of the world and 48% of our clients choose Thailand as their destination," says Mr. Darren.
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