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His Majesty approves of the country's 20-year development st
Thai-OnlineDate: Thursday, 18.10.2018, 16:09 | Message # 1
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His Majesty endorses the 20-year-old Kingdom National Development Strategy.
The 20 summer plan for the country's national development strategy came into force after the publication of the document in the Royal Gazette 14 October.
The national strategy for 2018-2037 includes six areas:
  • National security;

  • Improving the competitiveness of Thailand in the global market;

  • Development of human resources, empowerment of the Thais;

  • The pursuit of social equality,

  • Environmentally friendly growth and development of the country;

  • Reforming and improving public administration.

The national strategy is included in the 2017 Constitution of the year in the 65 section, which states that the state sets out the national strategy as a goal of sustainable development of the country in accordance with the principle of good governance, which will form the basis for formulating consistent and comprehensive plans with congruent force to achieve this goal .
Objectives of Thailand’s 20-Year National Strategy:
  • 5-6% economic growth

  • Return on capital from 15 000 US dollars;

  • Continuous training for healthy people of all ages;

  • Increase forest cover to 40% land area;

  • Rise to the second line of the ASEAN anti-corruption rating.

The document was compiled by the National Strategy Committee in June 2015. Upon entry into force of the National Strategy, the following elected governments will be required to declare their policies and propose their annual budget based on the National Strategy.
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