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Fish massage in Thailand
Thai-OnlineDate: Thursday, 15.08.2019, 14:45 | Message # 1
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In the resorts of Thailand, the peeling procedure with fish eating the old skin on the feet has long been popular. If you rested in Pattaya or other Thai resorts, you probably saw special aquariums right on the street or in the massage parlors themselves, often even in tourist markets. They suggest lowering legs or arms. And the fish briskly begin to clean the dead skin. This procedure is readily tried by men, women and of course children. And salon employees promise customers not only exfoliation of old skin, but in general a whole set of exposure to magical power.


Many with a smart look begin to talk about the fact that the saliva of these fish contains enzymes that stabilize the circulatory system and blood pressure, as well as eliminate swelling. Allegedly, after only a few procedures, sleep and appetite improve, a person will become calm and happy, happy. Well, for women, the effect of rejuvenation is advertised - how could it be without it!

And the trick is that fish do not have saliva ... This fact alone should raise some doubts about honesty or at least the knowledge that advertises this procedure.

According to science, this magic fish is called Garrarufa (sometimes they write separately Garrafa, but this does not change the essence). Once it was really used in the treatment of psoriasis, since they noticed that Garra Rufa bites off only old and damaged skin, but does not touch healthy skin. This idea was later born to entertain tourists with fish massages in various countries, not only in Thailand. And each began to think of something his own, creating a legend about the magical properties of the fish Garra Ruf.

But in fact there is not a single authoritative source describing the miraculous power of these fish. There is some opinion that useful enzymes are secreted by wild fish. But we are talking about the wild populations of Garrarufa, but those fish that are bred in aquariums do not have it at all. By the way, the Chinese raise Garra Ruf’s fish artificially and export them, so even here there are some kind of fakes. The real, wild Garra Rufa is more expensive than the aquarium, and that’s the whole point.

If you do not consider the therapeutic effect, then what about just entertainment?

You can also try if there is no doubt in the sanitary condition of the institutions themselves, which offer fish massage. If you give yourself to be torn to pieces by insatiable fish (and while they are in the aquarium, they will shuffle anything, even pickled cucumbers, if any), then at least in a decent salon, and not in some dirty corner. And in general, one should think about the very essence of what is being offered - how can one put one's legs or hands into where hundreds of people could be immersed before limbs ?! But few of the vacationers think about this. And the big question is what is left to swim in the aquarium after the previous client. You are unlikely to pick up something terrifying in this way, but minor troubles are quite possible. Especially if there are small cuts on your feet (they are especially often obtained as a result of walking along the beaches on the coral islands), cracks and scuffs.
How do you like such information that many recommend peeling with fish for the treatment of foot fungus? These are mainly fungal diseases and should be feared. And do you need it?

Or maybe you shouldn’t lower your limbs into an aquarium with fish that gnawed at the feet of guests coming from all over the world?

Also information for consideration. In some states of the USA, such procedures with fish are strictly forbidden due to the inability to properly disinfect - the fish will simply die during such operations. For similar reasons, the Ministry of Health of the UAE and Thailand warns residents about the dangers of such services. However, in Pattaya this service was popular several years ago, and today it is already out of fashion and finding a salon with Garra Rufa fish is a whole story.
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