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From which countries you can not remove shells
Thai-OnlineDate: Friday, 03.05.2019, 15:51 | Message # 1
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There are a number of countries from which it is strictly forbidden to export shells - what threatens for violating the ban?

Tourists, returning home after a holiday, want to bring with them an ornate shell to please their relatives, friends and work colleagues. Passing through customs, travelers unexpectedly receive a fine for a seemingly harmless souvenir. Therefore, before taking the shells with you, it is necessary to find out from which countries their export is strictly prohibited. Here is a list of countries in which the export of shells is prohibited.

1. In Turkey, there is a strict ban on the export of corals, seashells and stones. Customs officers can easily pass tourists only if the above-mentioned souvenirs are purchased at retail outlets and there is a receipt for their purchase. A tourist should remember that in Turkey shells and corals can be bought, but you cannot pick it up yourself from the ground or from the sea.
It is a known fact when a Russian tourist was sentenced to one and a half years in prison for a simple pebble picked up by the sea. True, he managed to get rid of only a suspended sentence and a fine in the amount of twenty two thousand Russian rubles. The severity of the law is obvious.

2. In the Dominican Republic there are certain types of shells, which are prohibited for export. And there is a list of those that are allowed. The whole list is made, it is simply unreal to remember it. Therefore, it is better not to get involved and not to take anything like that out of this country In the case when there is a check for products made of shells, you can easily bring them home.

3. It is not necessary to export shells from Thailand. In addition, corals, ivory and tortoise shell are strictly prohibited from exporting from Thailand. Tourist will not be able to prove anything at customs. Anything forbidden will be taken away and then fined.

4. In Egypt, for the export of sinks and shells not purchased at souvenir stores, a fine of one thousand US dollars is imposed. Also, instead of a fine, you can get a prison term of several months.

5. Jordan also prohibits the export of all kinds of parts of the sea - corals and seashells. Only purchases from souvenir shops with a check are valid for export.

6. To remove the shells from Malaysia, you must have a special permit. The same rules exist in the Seychelles.

Knowing the list of countries from which shells cannot be exported, serious trouble can be avoided when passing through customs control.
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