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Out of fashion. Rating of unpopular countries
Thai-OnlineDate: Thursday, 02.05.2019, 19:53 | Message # 1
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Lonely Planet magazine ranked countries and cities whose popularity has grown the most and has fallen over the past ten years. In compiling the rankings, Google Trends search queries statistics from 2009 to 2019 were analyzed.

Anti-ranking led by Egypt, according to which the number of search queries declined by 84,8% over the decade. The popularity of Tunisia (–71,2%), Turkey (–67,04%), France (–54,34%) and Brazil (–49,46%) has fallen significantly. Russia was also included in this list: the number of search queries for 10 years decreased by 4,36%.

The top countries, whose popularity has grown the most, are led by the Philippines: users searched for this country by 170,45% more often. In second place is South Korea (+ 76,11%), then Saudi Arabia (+ 56,41%), Kazakhstan (+ 47,83%) and the Netherlands (+ 43,17%). The top promising countries also included Taiwan, Poland, Bahrain, Cambodia and India.

Anti-rating was also drawn up in the cities, which was headed by Sharm el-Sheikh (its popularity slipped by 91,47%). In second place - suddenly - St. Petersburg (–79,65%), followed by Cairo (–74,67%), Las Vegas (–60,13%) and Bulgarian Varna (–51,03%). Anti-rating also included Phuket, Miami, Penang in Malaysia, New York and Calgary (Canada).

At the same time, the rating of popular cities was headed by Budapest (+ 87,2% of requests over the past 10 years). The second place among cities was taken by Seoul (+ 70,48%), followed by Copenhagen (+ 68,24%), Tel Aviv (+ 63,31%) and Warsaw (+ 63,08%). The top 10 also includes Indian Chennai, South Korean Jeju, Japanese Kyoto, Indian Jaipur and Portuguese Lisbon.
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