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Stop using unlimited SIM in Thailand
ValVolkovDate: Thursday, 02.05.2019, 19:39 | Message # 1
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Why we no longer use unlimited internet sim cards in Thailand?
Never wondered about buying a SIM card for using the Internet in Thailand. What for?! Here the Internet is almost everywhere: in hotels, guesthouses, cafes, shopping centers and even at some bus stations.

So it was until that moment in our beautiful guesthouse in which we settled, we did not turn off the Internet. It was not possible to connect it, but this is another topic for discussion. I had to think about buying a mobile Internet. Just recently, our friends told us that for two months they have been using the SIM card of the AIS operator purchased for 150 baht for a month with a limit of 4 GB per day. Fine! We thought. Let's go buy the same! Better yet, buy a sim card with unlimited internet.

What could be easier to go to the nearest store, say that you need a SIM card to use the Internet and - preferably without a limit. So we did. We were very surprised and alarmed that no one had heard of such a tariff - 4GB per day. Even in the offices of AIS, they muttered something unintelligible and waved their hands, saying that we don’t know. Well, let's just unlimited. A few more times they asked the seller: "Exactly unlimited !?". "Yes, yes, unlimited", - answered us. And we went home happy. The Internet worked only one day. Naturally, thinking that he is without a limit, we did not limit ourselves. The next day, we found that the Internet is very slow, we can say that it was not there at all. But since we had only a couple of days before departure, we did not bother with clarifying the relationship with the seller, who sold us unlimited internet for a week. And when we returned to Thailand in a month, we found out that Simka is still working. And we decided to just buy a new Internet package without buying a new SIM card. And again, "on the same rake." “We need unlimited internet” - we say. And it was already in another city, in another store. “Yes, yes, it’s definitely unlimited!” The seller replies again. The fare was 130 baht for a week. Well, paid, it worked, went to use. And then it occurred to us to translate one of the sms, which come in huge numbers in Thai after connecting a SIM card. It turned out that the Internet is really unlimited, but with a good speed of its entire 2,5 GB, then the speed drops to almost zero. Not surprisingly, we only had enough of it for the day. It turned out that all unlimited tariffs have speed limits, that is, a certain amount of GB with good speed, and after these GB end the Internet continues to work, but the speed drops.

The next time we decided to do differently. Since we settled in a guest house without the Internet, we again needed the mobile Internet. We decided to buy a SIM card with a certain limit. And then it turned out an interesting feature. It turns out that there are promo SIM cards with tariffs that are not found either on the official website or in the advertising booklets or on the box with the card itself. Only the seller knows about them. This is the 15 GB sim card for a month we bought for 150 baht (50 baht card itself plus 100 baht tariff). Still, there is a difference to give 130 baht for 2,5 GB for a week or 150 baht for 15 GB for a month and with excellent speed. We upload videos on youtube, watch TV and movies online, communicate in social. networks and so on the little things.

There is one feature of these SIM cards that you cannot put money on them, that is, connect a new Internet package. If the Internet is over, just go and buy a new exactly the same SIM. There are no problems with this, there are no restrictions on the purchase of SIM cards, all you need is a passport (driver’s license will also disappear). You do not need to fill anything, the seller will do everything himself.

After learning about these features, we decided to look for information on the Internet. What if it is a common thing and everyone has been using such sims for a long time, and we are buying “unlimited” here ?! But, besides rewritten from each other articles like: "buy SIM cards at Bangkok airport for 300 baht for a week (3 GB) for instant messengers and online maps," we did not find, so we share our experiences. Or again, many advisors like to send everyone to 7-Eleven for sim cards.

In general, without finding sensible advice on choosing sim cards in Thailand, we decided to talk about our experience.

If you have tips other than the banal - “buy DTAC at the airport and you will be happy,” share them in the comments or tell us which profitable promo SIM cards you were able to buy.
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