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Alpaca Park and the Land of Kings - the best tour in Pattaya
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Authorship is unknown, grammar and punctuation preserved, taken from source on PikiTrip And our description of the tour "Alpaca Park and the Land of Kings" with prices and discounts - HERE
We have long wanted to visit the Alpaca park, the land of kings, and just a few days ago this desire came true, and I hasten to tell you and share my enthusiasm. Readers described it to me exclusively in an enthusiastic way as rich, unforgettable and very interesting.
All true truth! But as they say - "better to see once than hear a hundred times."

Today we have to go to the eastern province of Ratchaburi, which gave the name of the tour. Translated Ratchaburi means - "Land of Kings."

Looking ahead, I will say that I advise everyone to go there and try to tell you about the trip so that you feel at least part of my emotions and joy from this trip.

Excursion Alpaca Park - Land of Kings - the beginning

Excursion to Ratchaburi one-day, but very rich. In order to be in time, tourists are taken from hotels early, in 4-5 in the morning.
In 5 in the morning in Pattaya it is still dark, everyone is sleeping and only rare bikers passing by break this silence.
It is worth mentioning an important detail. On this tour there are no large groups. The maximum number of people is 9-12, but more often around 6-9 people. This is done primarily for the comfort and convenience of tourists.
The format of the tour implies an individual approach. No race and hassle. Chamber and cozy company, where the central place is occupied by a guide who sets the atmosphere of friendliness. Diamond! The best guide I have met for 9 years of travel in Thailand.
The first time I come across the fact that although the road is long-distance (400 km), time flies by so quickly that I never, neither there, nor on the way back looked at my watch or dug into the phone.
Guide Andy is so fascinating, competently and interestingly says that there was not even enough time. For the opportunity to talk with such a person you need to additionally pay extra. Seriously! You will not hear boring stories, fictional tales or unreliable information about Thailand and its inhabitants.
A person has been living here for a long time, and he is sensible, with humor, about everything that is happening here. Despite my own experience, there were a lot of topics and questions that I wanted him to ask and discuss, in order to clarify some points for myself or listen to the opinion of an adequate person. Distracted a little smile

So, we meet with the guide, get acquainted and go on the road.

What to take with you?
  • Breakfast

  • Change clothes (necessarily! After swimming in a waterfall, hot springs or talking to animals, you will want to change).

  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

  • Swimwear and towels

  • Headrest-sleep on the way

How is the tour - Alpaca Park - Land of Kings?

Friends, I ask you in advance to take the information as a fact-finding, since there are a lot of factors by which something in it can change.
For example, attractions can be swapped depending on the season, the wishes of tourists, weather and other conditions.

We have time to sleep before the first stop, I advise you to do so. There is a long day ahead, during which you will walk a lot, be surprised and spend calories. Get enough sleep!
At 8 in the morning, the first stop. This is an opportunity to drink some coffee in the Amazon, visit the toilet and go to 7 / 11. Coffee lovers are advised to try some exotic novelty in this coffee shop (depending on the season) and have a cup of coffee with durian, mango, or white chocolate.
Tourists usually take breakfast from the hotel for early excursions. This is just the opportunity and time to eat it. If you forget-overslept, 7 / 11 will help you out.
Cheered up, woke up, go further!

Ancient cave of a thousand stalactites - Tham Khao Bin

The cave that got its name from the bizarre image of a bird right at the entrance.
An ancient, unique cave with thousands of amazing stalactites and stalagmites, in which fancy shapes and faces are seen here and there.
Driving in here alone is a waste, as only a person who is savvy, who knows her history, facts, details, can make such a trip interesting and inspiring, so listen carefully to Andy ...

A couple of tips. At the entrance a local boy will take your photo and at the exit you can buy a frame for 100 baht. It is cheap and I advise you to buy such a souvenir, even if it is not really needed. Such a wilderness, such nice people there, that you can take it simply as a donation smile They are so sincerely happy with the purchase and thank them for so long that they are already uncomfortable.
Next to the cave, live colorful Japanese koi carps - specially bred ornamental fish, which can be fed from a bottle for 20 baht. Not only children, but also adults are delighted!
Next stop is Alpaca Park!

Alpaca Park - Contact Farm Zoo

Excursion Alpaca park-land of kings is full of sights, but it seems to me that at least at the stage of choosing it is taken just for the park with Alpaca. And it is right!
Alpaca Park is the best contact zoo I've been to. I think it’s not a lie if I say that there are few in the world who are able to compete on the literacy of the approach to organization, attitude towards animals and visitors, cleanliness and a number of other qualities.
Alpaca Hill is located in a very picturesque place among green hills and mountains, surrounded by lush vegetation and this area is quite unlike Thailand. Rather, on some Switzerland or New Zealand.
Another plus is that the excursion is planned so that absolutely all the sights you will see alone. Only your group and no more Thais or Chinese crowd. Departure from Pattaya on weekdays, Monday and Friday.
As for the Alpaca park itself, even at the weekend there are not many people here, as the rules state that a limited number of people are allowed to save the moral and physical strength of animals in the park: no more than 200 people per day.

What is interesting about Alpaca Park in Ratchaburi?

I will not reveal all the secrets (and they are there, I assure you!), I just don’t want to spoil your surprise and I want you to experience joy as well as me.
Waiting for you is a small but very interesting quest that adults and children will enjoy.
Literally, each animal or bird can be touched, photographed, and several workers and volunteers are trying to help every sector, for example, you can ask them to take a picture of you or show how to take the animal on the handles correctly.
Our guide is some sort of magician. I have always been pleasantly surprised by people who love their work and try to do the possible and the impossible, something beyond what is expected and demanded of them. That and our Andy. He is familiar with everyone there. Animals and birds know him and recognize him as his own. It is Andy who sets the tone for the trip and helps to get closer acquainted with each of the inhabitants, tells interesting details and facts from the life of animals and birds.
Alpaca - gorgeous! Lovely, soft, friendly. Give yourself a hug and stroke. It would have stayed there to live. I absolutely did not want to leave !!!
Then we go all sorts of hamsters, marmots, guinea pigs and other rodents, which can also be squeezed and stroked. Ostriches that are eaten with hands and obedient as lambs.
Yes, I was also struck by the fact that you do not need to buy food somewhere or carry a bag with you.
In each animal sector, an employee will give out the kind of food that can be fed to the animal and this is already included in the ticket price.
Everything is so cleverly and conveniently done. For example, they give deer to feed from wooden ladles, which is convenient both to you and to the deer. The same with the shoe covers, which can be seen on the feet of visitors. So as not to drag the dirt into the car.
Here you can cuddle rabbits, chat with rare animals like a raccoon or monkey of a mamaset, you will see a kangaroo wallaby and a Patagonian hare.
The Patagonian hare is a ridiculous creature, the result of a multitude of crosses, I don’t even know what he looks like more. Something grayish green.
My favorites are capybaras. The largest rodents in the world are so cute! They baldeyut when you caress and scratch their sides and Andy will teach you the trick of “capillary caps”. I managed! Wool from pleasure at these fatties stands on end, the animal falls on its back and substitutes to scratch the tum.
Be sure to try!
The whole pavilion in which Persian cats live. The cost of these beauties from 10000 to 40000 baht. Want to look at a cat that is worth 100000 baht? This is a cat, which has a different color of eyes and constantly sticks out its tongue.
The park itself is very beautiful. In it, the fans of "Harry Potter" and the Lord of the Rings saga can feel part of a favorite book or movie. You can change into a character and learn potions, stroke a real owl. The hills of New Zealand and the Hobbit houses are like real! There is even a "ring of absolute power."
But all good things end sooner or later and it's time to go on. We still have a lot of interesting things ahead!

Ratchaburi, orchid farm and lunch

A few words about where we went. The province of Ratchaburi, or (Ratburi) - is one of the oldest provinces, which dates back to the Dvaravati era.
Located in the western part of Thailand, bordered by Myanmar. Around 100 km from Bangkok. Ratchaburi is divided into 3 parts: in the west the border with Myanmar (Burma), the second part - the Tensamery mountains and forests with a height of 300 meters, and in the third, central part, water-river resources.
Ratchaburi is not a tourist place and you will feel it yourself. Here you can get real pleasure from communicating with nature, enjoy the lush greenery of hills and mountains, forests and rice fields.

Ending on PikiTrip

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Where to read more? I would be grateful for any recommendation.
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Where to read more? I would be grateful for any recommendation.
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