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ADVERTISING IN THE SECTION. I am a private guide
Thai-OnlineDate: Wednesday, 19.06.2019, 18:42 | Message # 1
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The topic arose precisely here not by chance. According to the observations, the reviews section on excursions in Thailand is the most popular among those who want to advertise their services to a private guide, diving instructor and similar offers on our forum. It is quite logical. All those interested in trips in Thailand are looking for reviews, prices and descriptions.
Advertisement on Thai-Online Forum not prohibited. Even if you work in the tourist industry, moreover, in the tourist industry of Thailand and the services you provide may in some way intersect with what is offered in our section "Excursions and places". This does not mean that you will not be allowed to publish here. But you should take into account certain rules for publishing advertisements on the Thai-Online forum and follow them.

Everything is short and clear:

1. First of all - register on the Thai-Online forum. You can probably guess that the most boring and worthless advertising that should be removed immediately from any forum is sent out by spam robots. We fight with them, hence the need to register. It is very quick and easy. Specify real data!

2. Advertising should be in place. It is foolish to write about cats in the topic of spoons, is not it? It is for this reason that the evil moderators of the Thai-Online forum came up with some rules for placing advertisements. So that the forum does not turn into an abracadabra and users can find what they are looking for. And not an article about the machine gun Maxim in the topic of aquarium fish.

2.1. If you just want to advertise your services, you can do it here. For this:
  • Describe the service (or services) provided. The more detailed the better. Actually, what you offer and what your potential customers have to agree on.

  • Leave your contact details. The customer should contact you in an extremely simple and human-friendly way. However, you can limit and lichku (PM).

  • The price of the service can not publish.

  • You can attach and photos that correspond to the subject of the announcement. In this case, note that they will automatically bear the logo (watermark) of our resource. If you are using your logo, keep this in mind, since in this case the logos will overlap.

  • It is strictly forbidden to publish "bare" links to any external resources and contact information, without accompanying them with a description of the service. As well as the insertion of any codes into the message body (like html and the like).

  • It is allowed to "apat" topics, but do not post the same thing two or more times. Especially in different sections.

2.2. If you want to post an article with a link, then use this section. Or this. But!
  • The article is therefore called the word "article" to be an article. You can place in it one or several links to external resources, disguise as a customer review or some new excursion, whatever. The main thing - the link inside thematic content.

  • It is strictly forbidden to publish "bare" links without text support! For this there is a corresponding topic 

2.3 Don't know in which section to post an article? Ask in this thread.

3. Do not advertise porn sites and the like, godless and degrading things. Thai-Online forum moderators hate this. It will be deleted if not immediately, then almost immediately.

That's all the rules. Short and clear. Questions, suggestions, suggestions?
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