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Khao Kheo Zoo
NastaDate: Sunday, 05.05.2019, 11:52 | Message # 1
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Coming to Pattaya for a vacation and not visiting the Khao Kheo Zoo is simply unforgivable!
A huge open area where animals live in conditions as close as possible to nature. Almost everyone can feed and make a close photo.
On the tour we went to the minibus, it is very comfortable, because the group consisted of only 12 people. From Pattaya to the zoo go minutes 40, the guide on the way told about what awaits us and instructed on safety.
At the entrance to the zoo, we bought bags of pet food - bananas, corn, beans. Large packages - 100 baht, small - 50. Just take a big one for a family, and a small person is enough for 1-2. It is forbidden to bring fruit with you!
Although the zoo has a huge territory, our route was very convenient, we didn’t notice that we walked a lot. For long distances, the group was transported on the same bus on which we arrived here. By the way, I do not recommend taking children on the strollers, because along the way there are quite a lot of stairs and all kinds of curbs.
And now about the main thing - about animals! I will not enumerate everyone, I will single out only those who are especially remembered. Immediately we were met by very cute deer, who simply walk behind you, trying to pull the beans out of the bag.
Then there were monkeys, funny surricates, a unique red panda, dancing flamingos, a sloth who even deigned to stick out his little face to us. Giraffes have conquered my heart! The guide told us how to make a cool selfie with them - be sure to try! Zebras are walking here, and a little further away is the place of residence of the kangaroo.
We competed in throwing corn into the mouth of a hippopotamus: look at that mouth is big, it's not so easy to get into it! Next, a small underwater world was waiting for us: funny penguins and an otter-beggar.
I did not even list half of the animals we met. The phone now swells on the number of photos.
At the end of this tour we were waited by a unique animal show without the participation of people. And it’s not just the monkeys that came to the arena to dance. It was a mini-performance from the Lion King with predators!
After the zoo, we were brought to the Spice Garden, where we had a mini tour. Now we know how growing lemongrass and turmeric)
Thai-OnlineDate: Saturday, 22.06.2019, 19:03 | Message # 2
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Recently, the price of a trip to the Khao Kheo Zoo from Pattaya has been reduced. You can learn more by THIS LINK
Unfortunately, the excursion to the Khao Kheo Zoo from Bangkok is still not done ... We hope these are temporary difficulties.
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