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Overview of the beaches of Koh Lan Island - the pros and con
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The modest island of Koh Lan in Thailand, as they say, is small and remote. He manages to divert tourists from the promoted Pattaya. How does he do it? Here, just clear sea and good weather, even in the rainy season. But which beach is Ko Lan? Now we choose.
On Koh Lan island there are seven main beaches and some more wild beach corners, which can only be reached from the water. How to get to Koh Lan and what to move around the island, read in this article.

All the "official seven" beaches are equipped with sun loungers, showers and toilets, as well as cafes and water attractions. Somewhere even stand a bungalow.

Tawayen Beach
The most popular on the island, located on the north side. To get to Tawayen, you need to go around Koh Lan. Here 650 meters of white sand and turquoise waves, and in two steps there is a ferry pier.

Plus - developed infrastructure. From here ferries leave for Pattaya, and Songteo - to any part of the island. There is a medical center and a police station, shops, restaurants, bungalows, and most importantly - a large selection of entertainment. Not only the usual bananas, jet skis and diving, but also parasailing (sailing), kayaking and tubing. Prices are high, but you can bargain.

Minus - high attendance of the beach. Tourists arrive in a continuous stream, traffic is buzzing, people scream, there is perpetual motion on the beach. Because of this, it is dirty compared to other beaches on Koh Lan island. Stalls stretch along the entire coast, 200 deck chairs "crowd" in several rows (but cheap rent, literally 30-50 baht). For those who are not afraid of noise and do not run away from people - nothing terrible, but for those seeking solitude - definitely not here.

Sang Wan Beach
A small beach next to Tawayen, very close to the pier. Ideal for those who are too lazy after a ferry from Pattaya to plow the whole island. Down from the pier to the track, and soon you are already in place.

Pluses - here is quieter than on the rush Tavaene, and cleaner water.

Cons - on the beach is not very much space. Sang Van is more expensive than neighboring Tawayen (a chaise lounge with a mattress costs 100 baht, a banana on 700, and lunch in a cafe - until 500). There are often strong waves here, and there are stones in the water at the edges of the beach.

Samae beach
Located in the west. It is not inferior to Tawayen in beauty, and takes second place in terms of its length and population. On Samay, a gentle entry into the sea and a clear bottom without stones, you can swim already off the coast. Nearby there is a park for walking, and literally on the beach stands the hotel Xanadu Beach Resort. As well as on Tavaena, many outlets and deck chairs (the closest to the sea are 100 baht, the rest are cheaper). But there is less transport here.

Plus - a variety of water entertainment and restaurants with local and European cuisine. Everything is expensive on the coast, but if you go a little deeper, there are places with affordable prices.

Minus - a certain "European". Yes, it is familiar and safe here - the bathing area is even fenced with nets. But exotic is not enough.

Tonglang beach
If you go along the Tawayen beach in the opposite direction from the pier, and then go around the cape, you will get to Tonglang beach. Compared to Tawayen, there is silence and grace - there are few people. True, in the sea here and there scurry boats and jet skis. The beach is not big at all - 200 meters in length, and 10 in width. There are simple cafes and opportunities to have fun with a twinkle - more precisely, with splashes: dive, drive on a water scooter, and even paraglide.

Plus - in the "off season" here you can enjoy solitude.

Minus - not very smooth entry into the water, as well as stones right on the shore (but in the widest part of the beach there are none). Well, you will not find fault with white sand and clear water!

Tien Beach
Located in the west of Koh Lan island, in a pleasant bay. An overgrown cape separates it from Samae beach. It is quite lively here, but in the evening the people disperse and become quieter. The sand is very fine and soft, but there are areas with stones and shells. The entrance to the water is smooth. Sun lounger cost - from 100 baht and below.

Plus - the availability and variety of leisure. There are sports activities (riding on bananas and water scooters, boat trips, paragliding), and relaxing. Enough of large and small cafes with low prices, there is a rental bungalow.

Minus - there is no transport here, so you have to walk to the beach for about ten minutes, along the path along the sea. It is not very picturesque itself, pipes pass under it, but the landscape around it is still magnificent.

Monkey Beach - Monkey Beach, or Nual Beach
Far beach at the very "bottom" of Koh Lan, in the south. From the ferry here arriving by tuk-tuk and taxi. It is called the cleanest on the island, but its main advantage is the monkeys, which are found nearby and entertain tourists. They usually come out when the heat subsides. Just don't be too touched - the monkeys are cunning, they know how to open and search bags and carry food from the tables.
There are not so many tourists, so there are no queues for sun loungers. True, this does not affect the prices in the cafe - food and drinks are not cheap here.

Plus - the beach is great for relaxing. As many as 300 meters of sand, few people, several trees grow right on the shore and create shade, and there are mattresses on the loungers.

Minus - the beach is not very good for swimming because of the coral at the bottom. But for lovers of diving with a mask - the most it.

Tai Yai
The beach to the very north, small and quiet, cliffs hugging at the edges. There is a rental, a shop and a cafe, but in general, the Tai Yai beach is not damaged by the infrastructure. Here you can not rent a sunbed, and settle on your rug or towel.

Plus - it is good for solitude and a romantic getaway. There is no specific tourist noise, a pleasant entrance to the sea and there are no big waves.

Minus - there is little water entertainment, not counting the snorkeling, allowing you to admire corals and fish, a banana and a scooter.

Nudist beach on Koh Lan
As you already understood, the beaches on Koh Lana are for every taste - and even nudist. To find this area for relaxed, you must first get to the beach Samae. Then go to its left side, opposite to the solar power station. On the wooden bridge you will reach the cliff, and there you will see a path through the cliff - along it you will get where you need. At low tide, you can go ahead and find some more beautiful deserted beaches, and eventually find yourself on Monkey Beach.
Forum » Holidays in Thailand - reviews and stories » Excursions in Thailand - traveler reviews » Overview of the beaches of Koh Lan Island - the pros and con
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