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Tour reviews Magic of the East
Thai-OnlineDate: Thursday, 25.04.2019, 09:30 | Message # 1
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Honestly, for the first time I am in Asia. I have never been interested in either Asian culture or any religions, and in general, I don’t believe in any magic. Magic Orient enrolled on a tour absolutely by accident - she had a day off and was tired of lying on the beach. What was my surprise when in a few hours I completely fell in love with Thailand and Asia!
Early in the morning, we, a small group, were brought to a very beautiful temple. In the small pavilion, the monks sat and coffins stood in front of them. In fact, they were the least like coffins: plywood boxes, upholstered inside with a cloth with flowers and mickeymases. The guide told us about the funeral ritual of failures and we made alms to the temple. At first, I was very afraid to forget something or to do something wrong, but everything turned out to be simple. The guide constantly commented on everything in Russian and we could easily get rid of all the failures in our life. After the ritual, I wanted to cry and fly at the same time, it was very light and easy on the soul. I wondered what would happen next.
While we were going to the next temple, we were introduced to the history of Buddhism. I did not think that you can tell about religion so simply and clearly: as a fairy tale. The impression that I watched a movie or read a book, where everything is laid out on shelves and explained every concept. It was on the road that I realized that I was here by chance.
We walked in very beautiful places near Pattaya. For me it was a discovery that Pattaya is not only a city of transvestites, bars and restaurants. And yet, driving along the roads of Thailand, I always thought that all the temples here are the same as our churches. On Oriental Magic, I saw completely different structures: unusual, gilded, white carved, real monasteries.
Loved the Chinese museum. It has its own special atmosphere, peace and quiet. We were led through different halls, we were introduced to the royal dynasty, and I again had the impression that I was reading a very interesting book about an unknown country with its unusual customs and beliefs. The tour was built very intelligently, in chronological order, step by step, I plunged into the culture of Thailand and learned this country.
Separately, I would like to highlight a visit to the tribal villages - the atmosphere of goodness and sun reigns there, the slow measured life of simple but unusual people. The guide introduced us to each resident of the village, with the life and lifestyle of their lives. I didn’t think that people still live somewhere in such conditions in tribes! However, visiting the village did not cause me any sad thoughts or pity, but on the contrary, only positive and the most bright feelings.
I am extremely glad that I signed up for this program. I was so able to captivate all the information that I, perhaps, will start to read more about Buddhism and absolutely definitely will go on temple religious excursions. Thank!
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