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Review of the tour "Bangkok Express" on PikiTrip
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Everyone who comes to Thailand should get to know the heart of this country, the capital of the “kingdom of smiles”, the city of Bangkok.
People often ask me which excursion to Bangkok to choose from Pattaya, so that it is not too tiring, but interesting.
In my opinion, the Bangkok Express program is a must-see version that will introduce you to the culture, history, Thai cuisine and customs of this wonderful state.

Excursion Bangkok Express - what awaits you?

During the Bangkok Express tour you will see the most significant sights of the capital, hear many interesting stories about how Thailand was born, developed and how it lives.
Bangkok Express - a busy trip. In one day you will try all-all hits of Thai cuisine, as well as dishes little-known to tourists. Expand your historical, geographical knowledge of the kingdom, visit one of the best oceanariums in the world, ride a river tram along the largest river in Thailand, clear karma, communicate with locals, get into the most revered temples and much more.
I would recommend the Bangkok Express to tourists who want in a short time to get the maximum of impressions and ideas about what Thailand is like and how everything is arranged here.

Excursion to Bangkok - useful tips

Since the Bangkok Express tour includes a visit to the temples, you need to dress accordingly. It is recommended to cover the shoulders and knees, both men and women. Otherwise, you will have to purchase a pareo at the entrance to the temple for 100 baht (as an option, you can take a pareo or a scarf with you).

Recommendations for tourists

Comfortable shoes. It was painful to look at compatriots who went on this path in heels and evening dresses. You will get tired and sweaty, so put on something that you can safely spend the whole day. It is possible to take a removable T-shirt, because it is hot on the street, and in the shopping center + 18 + 20, and it is better to change clothes so as not to forgive.

The bus calls in for tourists in 8-8: 30. From Pattaya to Bangkok about 2-hours drive and 120 km. Not superfluous will be - pillow-bagel and light cape, in case it is cool under the air conditioner.

After about an hour of the way, make a stop for breakfast, a smoke break and a toilet. You can have a bite to eat from the hotel or go to the nearest cafe-shop, of which there are a lot of people at this pit stop.

On the way to Bangkok, the guide fascinatingly tells how the kingdom of Thailand appeared, about the rise of Thai dynasties, monarchies and other interesting stories.

I would advise not to be shy and ask questions. Do not miss this opportunity. Experienced professionals work on the excursion, who have knowledge not only about past events, but also about how Thailand functions in modern times.

Temple of the Reclining Buddha - Wat Pho in Bangkok

Everyone should visit the temple of the golden reclining Buddha in Bangkok. Thousands of tourists flock here daily, in terms of popularity and creation date, it occupies the first line.
The construction of Wat Pho began in the 12 century and is dedicated to the Buddha who is trying to attain nirvana. The size of the golden reclining Buddha is impressive: 46 meters long and 15 meters high. Thai guide Wang Chai, who proudly calls himself Ivan-tea, meets us and fascinates us about history, Buddhism, philosophy and architecture.

The temple of Wat Pho is famous for the fact that it was here that General Chakri called himself Rama the first and proclaimed himself king, giving rise to the longest monarchical dynasty of the kingdom.

In the temple of Wat Pho, you will have the opportunity to check the correctness of your path, and make a wish. To do this, the temple worker needs to change the 20 baht for small satang coins, which she pours directly into the dish with a scoop.
180 cups are placed along the wall, in which you need to throw one coin at a time. If the coins were exactly the number of bowls, congratulations, you are lucky and you are doing everything right. If you didn’t have enough, then you lost your way and it’s time to think about whether everything in life is right. If there is a bust of coins, you are in too much of a hurry, stop, you will not hijack everything.
In Wat Pho originated not only the Chakri dynasty, but also the art of Thai massage. On the territory there are still functioning training and advanced training courses for this ancient craft.
Another great relic, the huge lingam of the god Vishnu, is also located here. According to legend, every woman should touch him in order to gain female health and happiness in family matters. Well, where are all, there we are smile
Regular readers will remember that a couple of years ago I told about visiting the temple of Wat Arun. Then it was partially closed for repair, and now it has been completely renovated. For Thais, this is not a tourist attraction, a real shrine in which the remains of great ancestors, saints, and monks are kept.
During the longest Buddhist post, Asah Butch, the royal family visits the most iconic religious buildings, and the date and place is determined by a complex calculation related to numerology.
This year, Wat Arun was chosen for this honor and on the appointed date King Rama 10 will come here for a Buddhist ceremony.
Pay attention to the decoration of stupas towers. The mosaic on them was laid out for many years from fragments of Chinese porcelain, which was delivered as ballast in the holds of passenger ships.
The temple of dawn, Wat Arun is unusually good in the early morning and before sunset, when it shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. It is considered one of the places of power of Thailand and it has a special energy.
Another tip. Since lunch is not included in the tour, I advise you, after visiting the temples of Wat Pho and Wat Arun, to have something light to eat right here at the pier market. For 30-40 baht you can buy coconut water, chopped mango and other fruits. For snacks, buying souvenirs worth grabbing pocket money.

Chao Phraya River and a walk on the air metro

Bangkok is famous not only for its high-speed underground subway, but also because most of the locals and tourists move along the river. The fact that for us entertainment, for the Aboriginal capital - everyday life.
Both the temple, and Wat Pho, and Wat Arun are located on the banks of the largest river in Thailand - Chao Phraya. From here you can go to different parts of the city quite inexpensive. Our way lies to the metro station Sathorn, and then we go by air to the main shopping center of the country - Siam Paragon.

Siam Paragon and Oceanarium

Siam Paragon is the most expensive project of the Siam holding, which also includes Central World, Siam Discovery and others. In Siam Paragon you will have about 1,5 hours of time that you can spend on your own. Those who have not been to the famous Bangkok Aquarium, I advise you to visit. If you have already, then you can just walk to the shopping. Siam Paragon specializes in luxury goods and brands. Here you can buy everything from Ferrari, to cufflinks Louis Vuyton. If luxury brands don't interest you much, on the 3 floor there are mass market brands like Zara, H & M and the like. A trip to the aquarium is not included in the price of the excursion and is charged separately.
You can also drink coffee at a local food court. I do not recommend to buy there a full meal. Lots of something light, like a bun, as you spoil your appetite and the impression of the upcoming dinner.

Skyscraper Bayok Sky

Until recently, Baiyoke Sky was the highest building in Bangkok, which can be seen literally from anywhere, from any part of the city. I was asked if you can stop there and how much does it cost? Yes, you can and this is a good idea, as the area is good for shopping (center) and sightseeing (near the metro). Right across the road from the "bike" is the coolest in my opinion flea market - Platinum Shopping Mall.
The tower hotel was built in 1997, and until 2016, it remained the tallest skyscraper, but in 2016, the construction of the incredible Mahanakhon tower, which broke this record, was completed. The height of Baiyoke Sky is 309 meters, and Makhanakhon is 329 meters. It is quite possible that soon the excursions from Pattaya will lead exactly to the place when the restaurant is launched.
Sky Bayok has such a number of titles that no article is enough to list them. It is definitely worth visiting there, if only because the view from the revolving open observation deck opens up an overview of 360 degrees for the whole of Bangkok.
In addition, several high-altitude restaurants are located in Bayok Sky, where you can dine with a stunning view of the capital. We are going to one of them.
Sky Bayok has a system of speed and ordinary elevators. For 1 a minute the elevator took us to the 78 floor.
78 floor - given to the museum of a skyscraper hotel. You can get acquainted with the history of creation, regalia, take pictures and go on.
On the 83 floor there is a rotating viewing platform. It is open, but for safety there are grates that do not interfere with making colorful photos, but help not to fall out by chance or on purpose. There, on 83, a smoking room for those who need it.

Going to Bayok Sky, you need to climb at least twice at a lookout - before sunset (around 17: 30-18 hours) and already when it gets dark, after 18: 30. As if you see two completely different cities. Majestic, in a haze of clouds over skyscrapers, and nightly, exciting and lively like mercury, glowing with a million car headlights and neon lights.

Dinner at the Bayok Sky Hotel

The hotel Bayok Sky stop not so much in order to spend the night, but primarily because of its ability to see Bangkok from a bird's eye view and dinner with a beautiful view. The hotel has a skyscraper, there are several restaurants located on high floors.

Crystal Grill (Seafood Buffet & Grill) - 82 Floor, from 17: 30 to 23: 00
Bangkok Balconi (grill and seafood, with the difference that the open terrace) - 81 floor from 17: 30 to 23: 00
Bangkok Sky (International Kitchen and Seafood Buffet) - Lunch from 11 to 15 and Dinner from 17: 30 to 23: 00 and
Bayok Floting Market (Thai cuisine and seafood buffet) from 17: 30 to 22: 00.

In my opinion, the best and authentic, which will help you to get acquainted with all Thai and Asian cuisine in one trip - Bayok Floting Market. In it we go.
The restaurant is what you need! I have already had dinner in Baiyoke Sky (international buffet) and I consider that experience not successful, so if you are going here, then I strongly recommend the Thai restaurant with seafood - the flotation market.
The restaurant is styled as a floating market, which are still common in Thailand and where local people buy their own ready-made food and drinks.
Having gained an appetite after a rich excursion, being in such a place is just wonderful!
I liked the fact that it is very clean, pleasant and smiling staff, there is no crush and excitement. You can safely walk through the rows and choose what you like, and then repeat as many times as you like.
The disadvantage of this event is one - if you try everything, you can only crawl out of the table.

What you need to definitely try:

Seafood is by itself. Fresh huge shrimps and crabs, which are boiled or cooked on the grill. Shells, royal mussels, several species of fish and other marine life.
The restaurant is divided into zones, given a particular Asian cuisine. Do not miss the Japanese, there are fresh salmon and excellent sushi and rolls.
Portions put such that just do not get up. That's where you can eat seafood for the year ahead. Not at all like Pattaya buffets, where you have to “get” shrimp and stuff for what you came for.
Be sure to try the Thai green papaya salad - Som Tam. Here he is exactly as it should. Fresh, juicy, crisp and of course spicy.
Tom Yam also surprised me a lot, very tasty, rich. Here they serve Tom Yam taley, that is, with seafood, which includes fish, shrimps, mussels, crabs and squid.
For those who are in Thailand for the first time - you need to leave a place for Pad Thai (fried rice noodles with soybean sprouts in oyster sauce), try salapao - such airy white meat pies with steamed meat (similar to our manti).
Excellent yakisoba with mushrooms, several types of rice, noodles an incredible selection and snacks to it. You can take as just a cooked dish, and ask to make the filling according to your desire.
Drinks attached. Several types of juice - mango, multi and lychee. Water, tea, coffee from the coffee machine.
For dessert, Thai traditional sweets that need to be crammed to understand what I'm talking about here. Coconut sundae, seasonal fruit.
In short, I can tell for a very long time and not repeat how much everything is there. If suddenly, you do not eat seafood and Thai cuisine from the word at all, there are European dishes we are used to. Children can be fed chicken soup, pizza, spaghetti with sauce, french fries and other things. No one will be hungry. All included in the price, except for alcoholic beverages, which carries a waiter on a trolley. Cocktails around 150 baht, whiskey from 300 baht for a flask and above.

How much does the tour cost and where to order?

Excursion "Bangkok Express" from Pattaya costs 2200 baht adult and 1250 children from 90 to 120 see. Entrance to the aquarium - 600 baht
Lasts from 8-9 in the morning to 22 in the evening.

The result of the Bangkok Express tour

In 19: 30 we meet at the bottom and go back to Pattaya. On the way, you can watch a movie or ask questions to the guide, and then put together all your impressions and add to the memory box.

You will definitely remember the Bangkok Express tour, especially if this is your first acquaintance and the first trip to Thailand. A well-designed and planned program, designed for those who are just beginning to fall in love with this country.
I also liked it very much, although it seemed that I had already been in these places, but still, I learned new and interesting things for myself, talked with interesting people.

Honestly speaking, I liked this trip more than an independent one, as there is an accompanying person who tells, introduces the country, leads by the hand everywhere, and you can just relax and enjoy the surrounding beauty, and you can’t count them back and forth at once.

You can book a tour of the "Bangkok Express" in 2019 at the best price, passing by this link

The source of information: PikiTrip
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