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Excursion Review Excellent Bangkok-2 on PikiTrip
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In Pattaya, there is a new tour - Excellent Bangkok-2 remake.

Compared with the first program “Excellent Bangkok”, a lot has changed, but most importantly, a trip to an open area with a transparent floor in the highest building in Southeast Asia, the Mahanakhon skyscraper was added.
I dreamed of going there. Anyone who wants to leave an unforgettable impression of a trip to Thailand is highly recommended, incomparable feelings.

Excursion Excellent Bangkok - Start

This is a day trip from morning until late evening. Full of events, places, interesting stories from the Russian guide, new, unusual sights of the capital of Thailand.

From about 8: 30 to 9 in the morning, the driver of a comfortable mini-bass gathers tourists to hotels in Pattaya.

Excellent Bangkok - author's excursion where the principle of collecting small groups is strictly observed. This allows you to listen to the opinion of each, to comply with the schedule, catch everything and enjoy the trip.

Approximately in 10: 30 we have a stop at the pit stop at the crossing where you definitely stopped on the way to or from the airport. by myself. On everything 20 is taken away minutes, quite enough.
Eat and go further. Next stop - Lumpini Park Bangkok

A huge green park, which seemed like an oasis in the heart of the business district of Bangkok, is admirable and envy. Office workers, mothers with wheelchairs, pensioners, tourists, they all find here the opportunity to take a break in the shade of the trees, lie on the grass or enjoy the peace and quiet.

Lumpini Park in Bangkok is famous for its number of monitor lizards. There are dozens, if not hundreds.
Varans are fairly harmless creatures. They don’t rush at people (they fear people themselves), they chew fish in the pond, sleepily gazing at curious tourists.
But there was a time when the monitor lizards were practically destroyed and taken out of this park. This misunderstanding happened when one of the monitor lizards fell by chance from a tree to a Thai aunt, who began to scream and complain everywhere and everywhere. Varan did not cause her any harm, but to avoid resonance, it was decided to get rid of them. Fortunately, time passed, passions subsided and monitor lizards returned home, all also roam the park and are eaten in breadth.
Lumpini Park is a great place to walk and a place of leisure for residents of the capital. Here they hold concerts and events. Pensioners do aerobics and train wushu and karate techniques. Children play on the playground, the youth rides on water catamarans.
Everywhere there are bins, drinking fountains, cozy gazebos. Smoking is prohibited and do not advise to break. Fine 5000 baht, police a lot.

Lunch at Bangkok Center

On the clock 13: 20, lunch time. We arrive at a hotel not far from the Lumpini Park, where a varied buffet awaits us. The food is full of all kinds, desserts, hot, fruit, coffee, tea, water.

Temple ship and ritual on 12 years of success and good luck

Fortified, go to a Buddhist temple, Wat Yan Nava. He looks like a typical replica, but do not rush to conclusions.
The temple is over 150 years old and erected during the reign of Rama the Third, Thaksin. He ordered to rebuild an ordinary Buddhist temple and give it the shape of a Chinese junky boat in order to perpetuate friendly and business relations with China.
It was King Rama the third who established trade with China, and caravans of silk, porcelain, paper, grain, spices, mercury, glass and other goods flowed into Thailand. Mahogany, ivory, black pepper and gum were shipped from Thailand to China.
The temple of Wat Yannava is famous not only for its unusual appearance and Buddhist massage school, but also because it is possible to hold a ceremony to acquire the 12-year cycle of good luck.
Inside the temple is a rare namolennaya Buddhist shrine, which Thais come to worship not only from Bangkok, but also from other regions.
Rite of passage on 12 years of luck. Even if you are a skeptic in the shower and do not believe in miracles, why not try? Believe it or not, but I have a lot of friends who got what they dreamed of for many years after a trip to Thailand.
For the rite on the 12 year cycle of luck you need to write your first and last name on the checkbox. The flag shows 12 animals from the Chinese calendar. You also need to know your birthday.
It looks like this: Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov 1.01.1970 Wednesday. You will need a checkbox and a candle. They are sanctified by the monk and the action begins. I will not list the entire sequence, you will see for yourself on the spot. Nothing complicated. Everything lasts about 5 minutes. During the ceremony, it is imperative to focus on the most cherished desire and on what you are waiting for the next 12 years. This ritual helps bring good luck to the next 12 year cycle and increase wealth. The cost of the ceremony is not included in the price of the tour and is optional. The ceremony is free, but you need to buy a box and a candle for an offering (100 + 100 baht).

If you believe in amulets and charms, look there. They are all consecrated by a monk and sold a variety. From yants painted on fabric (spoken for money, luck, love) - to amulets around the neck. I have a yant that is written on a piece of the main monk's cassock. I carry it with me in my wallet so that the money does not run out smile In any case, if not for yourself, then give it to friends-relatives. Excellent and useful souvenir from Thailand. Let's go further!

Portuguese quarter and turtles

The temple of Wat Yan Nawa in the form of a boat is located directly at the pier on the Chao Phraya River. Metro station Sathorn. After feeding the fish, we board the boat and drive to the Portuguese quarter.

Listening to the interesting stories of the Russian guide, we will go back to the ancient Chinese temple, see the Catholic Church (yes, not only Buddhists live in Thailand, but also a large Christian community) and go to the mountain with turtles.
With another Buddhist temple, there is a small park hidden from prying eyes. Turtles live and rejoice here. There are many, many! According to legend, to make a wish come true you need to feed them. We feed, take pictures, relax by the pond.

Shopping Center Icon Siam

The next item on our program is the new Ikon Siam shopping center. Huge, interesting, worth visiting.
To get there, we again sail in a boat on the river. Ikon Siam is located right next to the Millennium Hilton Hotel.

And when I stopped there for the first time, (8 years ago) no center and did not smell, there were Thai slum-favella around the water. It is said that the shacks that are located on the Chao Phraya River are literally the bottom of the river. Every developer wants to build a condominium, a shopping center or a hotel here, and fabulous money is paid for the purchase of land belonging to centuries. So yesterday you are a beggar, and today a millionaire.

What is unusual Aikon Siam?

The Icon Siam shopping center is unique in its kind. On the ground floor there is a Thai fair styled as a flotation market (so you can cross out the flotation market from your program). Here you can eat real Thai food, watch the show, buy fruit and souvenirs.
1: 30-1: 40 stands out for a walk in the center, so hurry, because the next floors are a paradise for shopping. Famous brands, sales, shops for every taste.
But the best snack option, the same 7 / 11, which you will designate a guide. It is different from those you are used to in Pattaya. It has a cafe and normal food. Several types of salads (from 40 to 80 baht), hot, drinks (coffee, smoothies, juices, etc.), fruit and desserts. Given the "elitism" of this shopping center - this option is not only useful, but also profitable.
There is an observation deck on the 4 floor of Icon Siam. You can access it through the Apple Store.
If you need to buy good, high-quality souvenirs from Thailand - the lower floor of Aikon is the place.
Real Thai silk is sold here and at an adequate price. Handmade silk (stole, pareo) - 1000 - 1300 baht. Immediately, natural silkworm cocoons are very useful for skin rejuvenation (they wash themselves) - a large pack of 100 baht. And they are not bleached, completely natural.
There are generally a lot of useful "Helti" things and products.
In 18: 25 we are going outside to watch a singing fountain show. It starts at 18: 30 PM.
The show lasts about 10 minutes to the music that was written by the most beloved king of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej. This man ruled the country for 70 for years and made for Thailand more than anyone. Literally all the inhabitants of the country love and respect him immensely.

Let's go further! The observation deck of the skyscraper Makhanakhon

At last, ahead of me, what I most expected from this trip. The observation deck of the Macha Nakhon skyscraper with a transparent floor.
What is the Macha Nakhon tower and why is it so famous?

First, it is the newest and tallest skyscraper in Southeast Asia. On the sky-walk or an open viewing platform, you will have 315 meters of altitude under you and a panoramic view of the whole city. Fearfully? Yes! But I was in such a hurry that I didn’t even get scared.

The 77 floors of the Maha Nakhon Tower accommodate:

Maha Nakhon King Power
200 luxury apartments, priced from 1,5 to 18 million dollars
Luxury boutique hotel Ritz Carlton
Office rooms
Shopping center
Overview platform on the 74 and 78 floor
The observation deck is open to the public from 10 in the morning until 23 in the evening.

On the clock around 19 evenings and we came to get our portion of adrenaline. The first impression is new, chic. Ticket price for the viewing platform - 960 baht. It is already included in the price of the trip.

A high-speed elevator takes us to the 74 floor, to the observatory. We listen attentively to the guide in order not to violate the terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions of visit are as follows:

To go to the platform with an open floor, you need to put things (bags) in a soft backpack, which you will be given. Put soft boot covers on your feet.
Cameras, phones to get on the transparent floor is impossible. So agree to immediately take pictures of the queue. It does not bring any inconvenience and is made for security purposes. The guards are very alert, I do not advise breaking the rules, as it is fraught with expulsion.
Opposite the platform with a transparent floor is the amphitheater, on the steps of which you can just sit and enjoy the view. This is amazing!
You can lie on the transparent floor and look down at the city. Miracles!
I was at all the famous open viewing platforms of Bangkok and Maha Nakhon - the best. It is impossible to compare with any other. I do not know how they managed to construct such a lookout, but it is open and safe at the same time. There is no such panoramic view in 360 degrees on any roof top.

In the tower of Maha Nakhon we will spend about an hour. During this time, you can take a photo, drink a cocktail at the bar or just sit enjoying the views.
What I liked and was pleasantly surprised - democracy. It would seem, well, very cool and pretentious place. For example, comparing Maha Nakhon and Le Bois, comparisons are not in favor of the latter. In Maha Nakhon there is no dress code, no one sticks to you with a cocktail card and does not oblige you to buy anything.

That is the end of our trip. In 20: 30 we are going downstairs to say goodbye to Bangkok and go back to Pattaya.

On the way back, the guide includes a movie in Russian, so the way back flies instantly. In 23 hours I am at home, digest the sensations of the trip.

Excursion price Excellent Bangkok

Tour price - 3000 baht adult and 2200 baht children's ticket. The cost is fixed, there are no discounts (but not for PRO-users of our site... admin note). The price in my opinion is absolutely adequate, given the number of places and expenses of the organizer. One entrance to the lookout stands almost 1000 baht.

Trip summaries and tips

Excursion Excellent Bangkok - great! She is worth every penny and with both hands I recommend her to anyone who wants to discover the new modern and old mysterious Bangkok. Maha Nakhon Tower with a transparent floor - this is the top line of the top places in Bangkok that you must visit! It is impossible to fly to Thailand and not use this opportunity.
The excursion itself is intense, but not too tiring. The program is designed so that there is always the opportunity to rest after walking. You can take children, but see for yourself, there is nothing childish on this excursion. This tour is suitable for beginners in Thailand, as well as for experienced travelers. Independently assemble such a path in a day is completely unrealistic. Only a clear plan, diverse transport and an experienced guide will be able to embody this route.
Wear comfortable shoes, you’ll have to walk enough. I advise you to take bananas or small sandwiches as a snack. We have lunch around 14 hours, in the evening you will definitely be hungry. Eat best during a walk through the Ikon Siam.

Prepared by materials PikiTrip
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