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7 Islands - Review on Pikitrip
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Excursion 7 Islands in Pattaya - Description and reviews
AUTHOR: PIKITRIP · 16.03.2019, style and grammar saved.

Excursion seven islands in Pattaya new and very little information about it. I correct this injustice because I liked the trip and I hasten to share feedback.
Excursion seven islands from Pattaya

I have only one wish for this program - I would rename the “U” of seven islands, because of the name “7 islands” it seems that you will flow all day from one island to another until you visit all seven.

In fact, we will rest in the Lilawadi Bay and on one of the seven islands, and snorkel between the seven islands. But first things first.
How is the tour of 7 islands?

Around 8: 20-8: 40 in the morning comes the mini-bus, and the journey begins.
We meet, the guide tells where we are going and what we will do. Our path lies in the direction of the city of Rayong, where ferries to the island of Samet depart from the same lands.

Our first stop is through 1: 20-1: 30 minutes in Kakho Laem Yai National Park, by the sea.
Khao Laem Yai - Lilawadi Bay

If you have not been to the beaches of Rayong, you will have the opportunity to compare them with Pattaya. Of course there is a difference.
Clean beautiful beach with a long coastline. None of the people, only a couple of European retirees who live in a hotel nearby.

The water is clear, the entrance to the sea is sandy, without stones.

At our disposal there are comfortable sunbeds, umbrellas, tables, as well as a bar-cafe for those who want to relax and drink a cocktail.

Here we will stay for a couple of hours, during which you can swim, sunbathe and in general, relax.
Looking ahead, I will say that the main leitmotif of this trip and its purpose is to rest.

We will not hurry, walk in the heat or get tired. All day we will only relax and enjoy the moment "here and now." In my opinion - great!

Especially for those who are tired of some particularly intense excursions.
I do not often manage to get out without children somewhere, so I really enjoyed the trip and the fact that you can just sunbathe, swim nowhere without haste and not fulfilling a hundred requests a minute.

Right on the beach you can get a massage. Smiling Thai aunts take very inexpensive. Prices are almost the same as in Pattaya, and the warm breeze of the Gulf of Thailand and the view of the sea during a massage session is priceless.
Thai massage - 300 baht, Oil massage - 300 baht, foot-massage - 300 baht. Manicure and pedicure for 200 baht.

About 12: 00 is our lunch.

For lunch they serve rice with seafood and shrimps, chicken soup with vegetables, vegetables, fruits and drinking water. Everything was very tasty and satisfying, it was enough for everyone, and it still remained.

I already mentioned that right on the beach there is a bar where you can additionally order drinks or food.
Personally, I appreciated the cocktail menu (although everything is simple, do not count on any complex cocktails).

Humane prices: bacardi with cola - 100 baht, cocktails like Mai-Tay or Longayland 120-140 baht. Coffee - 30 baht, water 15. Second dishes from 100 baht.
Coral reef ride

The next item on the program is an absolute hit - a trip to a coral reef for snorkeling. A speedboat arrives behind us, the people sit back and rush literally 5-7 minutes before the reef of seven islands.

For those who do not know, I’ll mention that snorkeling in Thailand is usually not a lot. But here is quite the opposite!

Pisces are just a cosmic quantity and they are so bright, curious and cute, absolutely everyone agreed to dive, even those who did not plan.
We are given masks with tubes, diving to fish!

For those who are experiencing - the fish do not bite, do not pluck, and in general do not look like the effect that exists on the Erawan Falls, for example.

The islands have a large reef and those who are bolder can swim deep into, in addition to fish to see the rest of marine life. There are plenty of them here.

Of course, the human presence spoils the reef and corals, but now it is protected to keep the living that remains. Corals are stunning. They look something like this:

Trip to the island

After snorkeling we go to the island. This is the only island nearby where you can relax - sunbathe and swim. The rest with stony shore and sharp rocks.

During our arrival, there was a low tide and the sea was far away, but you can still swim. The island is quite small; you can go around it in 5 minutes.

Swim, take photos, go back to Khao Laem Yai Beach.
The final part of the trip

And here we are again on the beach in Rayong. The sun is setting at sunset, the best time for photos, swimming and felting on the beach. It does not bake as much as in 12 of the day and you can not be afraid to burn.

Those who did not have time to make a massage in the first part of the trip correct the mistake, the others bathe, drink cocktails and enjoy this wonderful measured rest.

Around 16: 30 a minibus comes for us and we go back to Pattaya.
It is a pity that this day flew by so quickly, more such.

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